Dianna Agron is Married to Husband Winston Marshall. Her Net Worth.

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Dianna Agron is a famous name in the entertainment scene. She portrays the character Quinn Fabray in the popular television musical Glee. The actress is a singer, director, and dancer. Dianna is happily married to a famous English musician. Read this to know more about Dianna Agron’s husband.

The artist also shares a deep connection with musical theatre, and as such, she partook in school productions during her childhood. Some of her most notable work include Glee, CSI: NY, Numbers, T.K.O, Zipper, and Skid Marks.

Dianna Agron’s quality performances have helped advance her career immensely. This gave her the opportunity to work with some of the most famous names in the industry. These include Tommy Lee Jones and Robert De Niro. Know more about her net worth right here.

Dianna Agron Net worth.

 Dianna’s work as an actress has helped in strengthen her worth in the entertainment industry. Her acting career gave her the platform to attain an impressive net worth at a young age.

The actress’ exact salary remains undisclosed. According to reports, in 2012, she earned $ 25K from her album’s record sales. Her wealth comes from various sources such as music, television, and films. Dianna Agron’s net worth is $4 million.

Image of American Actress, Dianna Agron net worth is $4 million

American Actress, Dianna Agron net worth is $4 million

Houses and Cars.

Dianna Agron’s Hollywood Hills home was listed for $ 1.595 million. After this house was put up for sale in the market, her exact residential location has not been revealed to the public.

The total numbers of cars Dianna owns have not been disclosed. But based on her lavish lifestyle, she could surely afford some classy and cool cars.

Image of Dianna Agron house

Dianna Agron house

Career Info.

Dianna Agron has been involved in varying kinds of projects. These include films, television, music videos, and other works. Her character in Glee, Quinn Fabray made her a household name. She performed numerous songs while playing the role.

In the year 2010, the actress directed the famous music video ‘Body.’ 2014 would see her direct the music video ‘Till Sunrise’ by Goldroom. Over the years, Dianna has directed, acted, and executive-produced a number of works.

In 2012, she hosted the GLAAD Media Awards. The American actress is also an avid supporter of PETA as well as LGBT rights.

Image of Film Producer, Dianna Agron

Film Producer, Dianna Agron

Dianna Agron is Married to Husband Winston Marshall.

In the latter part of the year 2015, Dianna Agron got engaged to Winston Marshall. The man is a popular member of the Mumford &Sons. After a brief period of courtship, the couple got married on October 15, 2016. They both started dating in 2015.

Prior to her marriage, she had been involved in some high-profile romantic relationships with Nicholas Hoult, Luke Bracey, and Thomas Cocquerel.

Image of Dianna Agron with her husband Winston Marshall

Dianna Agron with her husband, Winston Marshall

Winston Marshall is the lead guitarist of the British band called Mumford & Sons. His stage name is WN5TN. The rockstar’s band has won Grammy Award for the top-quality performance in the music arena.

Quick Facts:

Dianna Agron was born on April 30, 1986, to Ronald S. Agron and Mary Barnes in Savannah, Georgia. After high school, she displayed a keen interest in acting. Her passion has helped her make a mark in the entertainment industry.

During her youth, Dianna also studied ballet and jazz dance. She has a younger brother named Jason. While she was in school, Dianna Agron took part in Grease, starring as Marty.

Image of Dianna Agron with her father Ronald S. Agron

Dianna Agron with her father Ronald S. Agron

She has also shown a keen interest in set designs, paintings, and costumes.  Dianna and her husband Winston Marshall are happily married without any kids.

She has made a lasting impression in Hollywood. And not just as an actress but also as a dancer, singer and music video director. The American actress has won numerous awards.

These include the TV Land Award, Breakthrough of the Year Awards and Giffoni Film Festival Award. Her notable works helped her gain popularity, fame, and adoration.

Age 32 years (Born April 30, 1986)
Net Worth $4 million
Spouse Winston Marshall (Husband)
Kids No kids
Occupation Actress, Dancer, and Singer
Parents Ronald S. Agron(Father)

Mary Barnes (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed (Jewish, German, Irish and English)


Dianna Agron is a popular actress who has made a mark in the hearts of the audience as Quinn Fabray from Glee. Her husband is Wiston Marshall.


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