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Dean Graziosi Wikipedia-Bio. Net Worth, Wife. 2022

Image of Dean Graziosi Wikipedia-Bio. Net Worth, Wife.

Dean Graziosi’s past life is not the kind of life you would wish for even for your worst enemy. Yes, it was one of those challenging lives but of course looking at his present life, you would barely tell that he had a horrible life. This is because he believed in the power of patience as well as hard work that enabled him to enjoy such an aftermath. Now that you know this bit, does it interest you to know more about Dean Graziosi’s net worth along with Graziosi’s wife? It sure does interest you.

Dean Graziosi Net Worth 2022.

Real estate investment, motivational speaking, training, and writing are the four sources of income of this great entrepreneur. However, his primary source of income is real estate investment because all the other three sources revolve around the concept of real estate investment.

The salary the real estate investor obtains from each source of income is yet to be revealed to the public but will be updated on our site sooner rather than later. Despite the lack of his salary information, Dean Graziosi net worth is estimated as being $50 million, but with his growing popularity each year, the net worth is bound to grow tremendously.

Image of Dean Robert Graziosi net worth is $43 million

Dean Robert Graziosi net worth is $50 million

Dean Graziosi’s book Millionaire Success habit is a worldwide success with more than 300,000 copies sold in less than 6 months and which sure will increase his net worth.

His career

You will be wrong to think that studies are the main reason behind his career. Dean Graziosi never went to college due to financial difficulties, but this did not stop him from pursuing his current career. If anything it was the reason behind his career success. Dean’s career began at a tender age of 20 where he could buy, fix and resell cars.

He used the little money he obtained from this entrepreneurial act to complete an incomplete apartment he lived in hence his passion for his present real estate career. After learning the key aspects of surviving in a real estate industry whether financially able or not he decided to advance his career into real estate talks and reads. According to the life coach, you must learn to master confidence, know to say no and choose heart overhead in order to make it in any business niche.

Dean Graziosi is married To Wife Joenelle Ward.

Apparently, the best-selling author is taken. He is married to Joenelle Ward who is not only beautiful but a loving and caring wife.

Image of Dean Robert Graziosi with his wife Jonelle Ward

Dean Robert Graziosi with his wife Jonelle Ward

Together, they have been blessed with two pretty girls with the firstborn Bordy aged 10 and the last born Breana aged 8. There is very little concerning Graziosi’s wife and married life as he tries his best to keep this part of life away from the media.

Wikipedia type biography

Dean Graziosi official names are Dean Robert Graziosi. He is the youngest son of Gloria Post and Paul Graziosi who divorced while he was only three years. He lived with his mother until he was 13 then left to leave with his father as per the agreement. In both instances, life was equally challenging.

The entrepreneur is 50 years old as of 2018 as he was born on 20th November 1968. He was born in Marlboro, New York and yes he is an American. Dean Graziosi currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. His ethnicity and religion are not availed of any reputable outside sources. If he is not engaged with his real estate business, he is probably somewhere in the world doing charitable acts maybe because he knows what it is to lack.


Official names Dean Robert Graziosi
Nickname Dean
Birthdate 20.11.1968
Age 53
Birthplace Marlboro, New York
Parents Gloria Post and Paul Graziosi
Marital status Married to Wife-Joenelle Ward
Children Two Breana and Bordy
Career Real estate investment
Net worth $50 million
Nationality American
Weight and Height Not known

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