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Keith Colburn Net Worth. Still married to Wife Florence Colburn or divorced? His Wiki Bio. 2022

Deadliest Catch Keith Colburn

Keith Colburn is an American reality television show personality. He is the prime owner of FV Wizard. He is one of the main characters and very popular as a reality television star in the Discovery Channels series called the Deadliest Catch. Let’s find out more about his wife and married life. Also, know about Keith Colburn’s Net Worth in Wiki-biography. And Meet his wife, Florence Colburn.

Deadliest Catch Keith Colburn Net Worth.

Keith Colburn’s Net Worth is estimated to be over $2 million. However, we cannot confidently report the amount to be the exact figure since Keith Colburn is a very secretive guy.

Most of Keith Colburn’s Net Worth has been accumulated through his career as a television personality. His role in Deathliest Catch episodes has earned him a lot of money, given that he is the main character in Deadliest Catch, and his role is the biggest.

He also earns some cash through his product line of a product line of sauces and dry rubs called Captain Keith’s Catch.

Capt. Keith Colburn's Net Worth is $2 Million

Caption:- Capt. Keith Colburn’s Net Worth is $2 Million

Deadliest Catch Cast Keith Colburn is married. Know his wife Florence Colburn.

In the Deadliest Catch, Keith Colburn is married. He is married to his longtime girlfriend, Florence Colburn.

Though he has kept most of his private life a secret, we have found out that he is married. The date or year in which Keith and his wife got married remained unknown.

Deadliest Catch Keith Colburn and his wife have two kids together. The names are Caelan Colburn and Sienna Colburn. Sadly, their dates of birth and the current location of the children remain undisclosed.

This Deadliest catch star has never appeared anywhere with his family members in public. He is a secretive guy and mostly in matters of his family.

Keith Colburn with wife Florence Colburn

Caption:- Keith Colburn with wife Florence Colburn

Source:- Facebook

The career that gave Keith Colburn a $2 Million Net Worth

Keith Colburn’s career has not been the walk in the park. He has had challenging and complex moments in his past years. At the age of 12, Keith worked in a French restaurant. Thereafter, he became an executive chef in a hotel.

His first debut in the reality television show was in 2005 when he appeared on the Discovery Channel program the Deadliest Catch.

He has appeared on another discovery channel since then, and in 2007 after his second Deadliest Catch, he quit the show.

Deadliest Catch Keith Colburn posing from ship

He began hosting the program Deadliest Catch, The Bait in 2013. Keith Colburn has hosted 36 episodes since then up to 2016.

He currently works as a captain, and he is the prime owner of the premier crab vessel called the FV Wizard.

So with all his successful career, it is no surprise that Keith Colburn’s Net Worth is $2 Million.

Wiki Bio: Age.

Keith Colburn from Deadliest Catch was born on 10th March 1963. He is 59 years old now.

He was born in California, United States of America. Little is known about his parents, but Keith Colburn spent most of his childhood living in California, and he took menial jobs as a young lad, including working in a French restaurant at the age of 12.

He worked as a fisherman who majored in crabs in 1985 before debuting in the reality television show Deadliest Catch. He appeared alongside other crew.

His breakthrough came with the show Deadliest Catch, where he grew famous in the States. The first on the screen in 2005 as an actor before taking over the show as a host.

He has hosted over 36 episodes from 2013 to 2016.

Posted by Capt. Keith Colburn on Thursday, June 30, 2016

Keith Colburn is married to his sweetheart Florence Colburn, and the couple has two kids together. They currently live in California, where he is the owner and the captain of FV Wizard, a commercial fishing fish.

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