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Dave & Jenny Marrs Share Plans for Next Spinoff Series

Dave and Jenny Marrs, well-known HGTV personalities, have been entrenched in the television renovation realm for several years. Their acclaimed series “Fixer to Fabulous” debuted in 2019, marking the inception of their journey. Since then, they’ve graced numerous HGTV shows such as “Rock the Block,” “Home Town Takeover,” and “Bargain Block,” showcasing their expertise and creativity.

Expanding their repertoire, they’ve successfully launched two spinoff series, namely “Fixer to Fabulous: Welcome Inn” and “Fixer to Fabulous: Italiano.” In a recent Instagram Live session on March 27, the dynamic duo engaged with fans, discussing the latest episodes of “Italiano,” currently airing on Tuesday nights on HGTV. Amidst the conversation, Dave and Jenny revealed their aspirations for yet another spinoff series, sharing their dream plans with enthusiastic followers.


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Dave & Jenny Marrs Want to Film Another Spinoff Overseas

Given their affinity for travel, it’s hardly surprising that Dave and Jenny are considering their next dream spinoff overseas, following the footsteps of their “Italiano” project set in the picturesque Tuscan countryside.

During a discussion about their Italian renovation venture, Dave was in the midst of sharing details when Jenny, prompted by a fan’s comment about a potential project in England, eagerly interjected.

“Oh, I’d love to do one in England, we’re actively exploring that possibility,” Jenny exclaimed. “We actually have a friend who’s eyeing a house in England. We’re really keen on it. She’s still in the process, but fingers crossed. Of course, the success of the Italy show will play a significant role in determining our next steps. So, let’s make it a hit so we can venture to England.”

Jenny’s fondness for England has been evident for some time, as she and Dave took their children there in July 2023, preceding their return to Italy to undertake the “Italiano” renovation.

Sharing her excitement in a June 30 Instagram post, Jenny exclaimed,

“We’re off to England!!!! London and the Cotswolds!!! My dream destinations 😭 🙌. I solemnly swear to adopt an overly British accent throughout and to inundate my stories with countless photos. This might just turn into a Griswold-style epic adventure, and I’m all for it!!”

On July 6, Jenny offered a glimpse into her family’s stroll through a picturesque village in the Cotswolds region of England. Accompanying the photo, she conveyed her long-held anticipation of visiting The Cotswolds, expressing in her caption,

“For years, I’ve harbored dreams of exploring The Cotswolds, setting my expectations remarkably high. Yet, the sheer beauty and the unfiltered expressions of nature’s splendor here surpassed every single one of those expectations.”

Dave & Jenny Marrs Took a Well-Deserved Vacation

After dedicating considerable effort to their “Italiano” spinoff, Dave and Jenny finally have the chance to unwind as the show airs. They recently indulged in some well-deserved downtime during Spring Break, treating their kids to a memorable trip to Florida, as Jenny revealed in a March 24 Instagram post.

“That’s a wrap on spring break 2024! We spent the week with our family in Florida and are back home with sun-kissed cheeks and grateful hearts. Nothing beats memory-making with cousins, long days swimming, baby dolphin sightings, seashell collections, and a whole lot of laughter! ☀️,”

Jenny captioned a delightful video montage showcasing snippets of her children frolicking in the ocean, enjoying a boat ride while spotting dolphins, and fishing along a dock.

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