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Darcy Silva Net Worth 2022. Know what Darcery Silva does as a job in wikipedia type biography.

Image of Darcey Silva Net Worth 2019.

Darcey Silva is an American film producer, businesswoman, and television personality. She was thrust into the limelight after appearing on the hit show 90-day fiancé. Audiences were introduced to Darcey alongside her former love interest, Jesse Meester. Know what Darcey Silva does for a living.

Regarding her entrepreneurial ventures, Darcey and her twin sister own the clothing brand House of Eleven. Switching focus to her film career, Darcey is credited with producing White T sometime around 2013.

Learn more about Darcey Silva’s net worth in this review. We will also provide a detailed account of her biography right here.

Who is Darcey Silva?

Darcey Silva is a reality television personality and entrepreneur originally from Middletown, Connecticut. She became a household name after she started featuring on the 90-day fiancé. The show first premiered back in 2014 and has 70 episodes under its belt so far.

It follows different couples with varying backgrounds and cultures to make their relationship work. Darcey’s first appearance on the show would be with a man she met online, Jesse Meester.

The most remarkable thing about their relationship was that she was 20 years older than him.

What does Darcey Silva do for a living?

Darcey Silva is a woman who has ventured into numerous exploits; she is a jack of all trades. One of her primary sources of income is the money she makes from the reality show she stars in, 90-day Fiancé. Sources say that Darcey Silva reportedly earns $ 15,000 for every 12 episode season of the reality show she appears in.

Image of TV Personality, Darcey Silva

TV Personality, Darcey Silva

Darcey is also a businesswoman. Alongside her twin sister, she runs the fashion line House of Eleven. Darcey’s clothing brand has worked with celebrities like Demi Lovato and Nicki Minaj, to name a few. The reality star also works as a television producer.

While she has not worked on any critically renowned show, her name can be found in the credits of the film White T.

Darcey Silva Net worth 2022.

Darcey Silva is a fashion designer, television producer, reality television personality, and businesswoman. These are her primary sources of income. Earlier, we learned that couples from the reality show 90-day fiancé could earn upwards of $ 15K for every season they feature in.

Image of TV Personality, Darcey Silva net worth is $1 million

TV Personality Darcey Silva net worth is $1 million

Sources also say that Darcey earns around $ 1,000 for every episode of 90-day fiancé she stars in. As such, Darcey Silva’s net worth reportedly stands at $2 million at the moment. We will keep you updated should we get any new information about her net worth.

Darcey Silva Relationships.

Darcey was once a married man. Her ex-husband’s name is Frank Bollock. He is a reputable businessman who ran a real estate corporation called Douglas Elliman. Frank was also part-owner of the Twilight Lodge. He is the father of Darcey’s two children: Aspin and Anika.

Darcey Silva was initially brought on to the show alongside Jesse Meester, her significant other at the time. This was two years ago, and the couple instantly became a fan favorite owing to their remarkable chemistry on screen. They would even go on to get engaged at one point. Unfortunately, their relationship could not withstand the test of time.

The two would eventually call it quits. One of the underlying reasons that led to their separation could be that they had a 20 year age difference. Darcey would then date a man named Tom, a native of the UK and much closer to her age. At the moment, the two continue to appear on the 90-day fiancé together.

Darcey Silva Wikipedia, bio.

Full name Darcey Silva.
Age 47 years old.
Date of Birth September 23rd, 1974.
Place of Birth Connecticut, USA.
Profession Reality Star, Television Personality, Fashion designer, entrepreneur.
Net worth $2 million
Partner Tom
Kids 2
Nationality American.
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Libra.
Parents Under review.

Darcey Silva came into this world on September 23rd, 1974, in Connecticut. This would make her 47 years old at the moment. Not a lot of information could be found regarding her early childhood. We did manage to learn that she was raised alongside a twin sister named Stacey.

The two would move to Los Angeles together to further their careers. They started the fashion line House of Eleven, gradually growing and gaining popularity. Presently, they cater to celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon. Darcey is also the mother of two beautiful girls. Their names are Aniko and Aspin Silva.

Her run on reality television began two years ago when she was invited to star in the 90-day fiancé. This is a show about star-crossed lovers who are allowed to make their relationship work despite the cultural differences and distance between them.

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