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Danny Wood is an American songwriter, record producer, singer, and occasional actor. He is a member of ‘New Kids on the Block,’ an American boy band where he was the leading choreographer.

Danny Wood is very active on social media and is also an outright philanthropist heck why is Danny Wood divorced from his wife Patty Alfaro is age and net worth.

Danny Wood Married life with his wife Patty Alfaro and divorced, which caused the split? 

Danny Wood married his wife, Patricia Alfaro (popularly known as Patty Alfaro) on December 7, 1997, and he divorced her eight years later on March 10, 2006.

They had two children- Chance and Vega hance were born on May 8, 1998, and Vega on March 19, 1999.

It is reported that Danny Wood filed for a divorce in court for his wife Patty Alfaro exhibited a terrible temper and acted out violence on Wood at least twice during their courtship.

Alfaro, however, whiffed off the rumors and claimed that the allegations were inaccurate  S e went ahead for the divorce, apparently, because of the misconduct of her husband  S e claimed that Wood had multiple extramarital affairs because of which a divorce was inevitable.

Image of Danny Wood and Patty Alfero

A short bio on Patty Alfaro. Who is she? What is she doing now?

Patricia Alfaro is a Miami songwriter, television producer, and ex-wife of Danny Wood  B th of They met at a music studio in Orlando back in 1996  T ey married each other in 1997. She became the mother of two beautiful daughters.

She was also a stepmother to Anthony, a son from Wood’s previous marriage. Danny Wood’s ex-wife Patty Alfaro is 47 years old and is currently single  S e had been in two celebrity relationships averaging approximately 8.3 years each.

After her divorce in 1997, she turned to Yoga to balance out between her hectic industrial career and Miami lifestyle. She was hired by Jay Jiggins, a British personal trainer, to produce a television show based on champagnes and desserts.

Danny Wood’s ex-wife Patty and Jay realized they had a lot in common  To cohere to each other’s strengths, they decided to open a fitness studio in collaboration.

Patty Alfaro is currently the co-owner of Iron Flower Fitness, a fitness studio, and spa based in Miami  He studio is more of a high-end social club than a regular gym.

The interiors are decorated with posh chandeliers, and it provides daily services from Brazilian bikini-wax to massage and facial.

She takes pride in the various dance forms taught in her studio, especially Pole Dance and Hot Seat.

Conventional fitness training like Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet Barret Burn is also taught in her fitness studio.

Is Danny Wood married after Patty, Or is he dating a girlfriend?

After divorcing Patty Alfaro in 2006, Danny Wood married Emma Porter in 2007. He is currently married to her, and together, they share a child as well.

He has three children from his former relationships  Two children. Here from his ex-wife Patty Alfaro (1997-2006)  The third one is from his ex-girlfriend Elise Stepherson  Ot er than these relationships, Wood also dated Halle Berry in 1989.

Danny Wood Career

Before revealing Danny Wood’s Net Worth, let me first tell you something about his career.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Danny’s first song of his career was “Let’s Dance’  He along with other members of his boy band appeared on “New Kids on the Block” (NKOTB) which made them popular overnight.

They were touring all over the world in 1990, and while performing in the U.K, Wood slipped over a toy car  It was thrown by one of his fans, and he hurt his ankle badly  It did not lower his morale, and he went on to established himself as a solo singer as well.

His first solo adventure outside NKOTB was an all-instrumental album named “Room Full of Smoke” which was released in 1999  Vo ume 2 of this album was released in 2003.

In 2003, his first solo album was released under his own brand name, titled ‘Second Face.’ The songs of this album were unlike the albums produced by his boy band.

It had more of a rock sound rather than normal blues  Af er the release of this album, and he organized an acoustic tour for his fans. Through this tour, his fans could purchase the original CD directly from Dorchester.

‘Coming Home,’ his third album released in 2008  A  ear later, the ‘Stronger: Remember Betty’ album released whose songs majorly dealt with the loss of his endearing mother  Af er he lost his mother due to breast cancer, he launched the charitable organization ‘Remember Betty.’

In 2016, he dedicated an anthem to the breast cancer survivors through the song ‘Hold On.’ This song was also featured in his solo album of 2016, titled ‘Look at Me.’

Apart from his singing career, he acted in many films like “The Court Jester,” “Tequila Express,” “Can’t be Heaven,” “Thank you, Goodnight,” and several others.

Danny Wood Net Worth, Salary, House, Cars.

His incredible singing career has summed up his total net worth at $16 Million.
The primary source of income is from his solo singles, and the albums he records  Acting in movies also brought him good fortune and added to his net worth.

His salary is not fixed, and it keeps varying according to his shows and release of the albums.

He currently lives in an exclusive house situated in Miami.

Not much is known about the cars he owns, but considering his net worth, he surely owns a couple of luxurious ones.

Danny Wood Net Worth is $16 Million.

 Wiki-bio, Age, Height

Dannie Wood’s wiki-bio states that, he was born on May 14, 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts  At the age of 52, he is a record producer, actor, and songwriter who was born to Elizabeth and Daniel Wood  Of en addressed as Daniel Wood Jr., he was an active member of various music groups.

The groups were- New Kid in the Block; Upper Street and The Rise  He is not only a singer but also an expert guitarist and a keyboard player.

He has been performing since 1984 till the present date  Wi h millions of fans and a considerable height of 5’8”, this handsome man is a father of four children.

Birth NameDanny Wood
Born InBoston, MA
Age52 years
Height5’8” (1.73m)

He has managed to save a good amount of funds to post his mother’s death  Wo d funds a foundation, “Remember Betty” after his mother’s demise to raise funds for people who are battling breast cancer.

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