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Danny Porush Net Worth. Wife Lisa Krause, Ex-wife Nancy, Children, Wiki-Bio 2022

Danny Porush's Net Worth, Wife, Children and Wiki-Bio

The Wolf of Wall Street has been praised as one of Hollywood’s greatest films.

Apart from the great true storyline, it is based on, the actors were great.

They played roles portraying some real characters in real life.

A good example would be Jonah Hill playing the life of Danny Porush.

We’re here to give you more details on Danny Porush’s net worth.

Also, his wife Lisa Porush, kids, and wiki-bio.

Who is Danny Porush?

If you’ve seen the film, maybe you can relate.

If not, there’s no need to worry. Here is all the info you need.

Born to a doctor, Danny Porush became a successful businessman and stoke broker based in America.

He became the subject of most topics when he got caught running a fraudulent money laundering corporation based in Stratton Oakmont brokerage.

Danny Porush Net worth, Salary.

Many people have termed the Wolf of Wall Street felon as a thief and scammer.

Even after serving his time in prison, he still gets called a crook, unlike his partner in crime Jordan Belfort who has changed from his life of crime.

The reason and difference between the two are that Jordan tries to become better by giving motivational speeches while the latter lives off secluded enjoying his millions.

Danny Porush’s net worth is about $10 Million.

Even his wife had a hard time trying to get a dime from him in the name of child support.

Houses, Cars

While most of Danny Porush’s cars and homes were confiscated, the swindler of $200 million still has some money up his sleeves- rather, his wife’s sleeves.

He lives a luxurious life of a multi-millionaire even though he still owes a lot of people a ton of money.

The former convicted felon with his wife live royals each driving matching Rolls Royce convertibles which go for the tune of $350 thousand.

He travels in private jets to private islands and resorts when he’s bored.

The millionaire comes back home where he valet parks his rides at a beautiful condominium at Bal Habour facing Miami Beach.

Career and Prison Sentence.

Have you ever gone to a seminar or motivation where a person gives a speech about how his/her life came from rags to riches? Or about someone he/she knew? Well, this is one of those examples.

Belfort and Porush couples

The Miami Beach resident Danny Porush had his beginnings humble than a church mouse.

He ran a biker-messenger business trying to make ends meet. It was after he met Jordan Belfort that he decided on undertaking a stockbroker’s license exam.

He got to be second in command after Jordan when he opened up his multi-million scam operation.

Trouble in the name of the FBI came knocking and arrested them.

He served 39 months in prison thinking about his life’s choices.

When he got out in 2004, he worked as a truck driver before settling in another fraudulent medical company that was busted yet again by the FBI. Charges were however dropped due to lack of merit.

Danny Porush and Jordan Belfort

Caption:- Danny Porush with Jordan Belfort

Danny Porush is Married to his Wife Lisa Porush after his Divorce from Ex-Wife Nancy Porush.

When people go to jail and back, they wish for their Bonnie & Clyde- A ride or die couple.

Back when he was getting to his feet, he met a girl at a black-tie party. She was a real ‘piece of ass’ as he describes her.

Even though the girl, Nancy was his first cousin, that didn’t stop him from hitting on her. They even got married in 1986 with three kids.

With all the money and riches, Danny proved he was no Bonnie.

Just before he pleaded guilty, he announced to his wife that he had been seeing another woman and that he was divorcing her.

They finalized the divorce in 2000 and he served his time.

Outside, the new girl was none other than Lisa Porush who was waiting for him.

Danny Porush and Lisa Porush got married and had one kid together.

She also had three kids but from a previous relationship.

Danny with Lisa Porush

Wiki-Bio, Age, Facts

Name Danny Porush
Age 65
Date of birth February February 1957
Place of birth Lawrence, New York
Profession A former stockbroker, businessman
Net worth Under review
Spouse Lisa Porush
Kids 4

Nancy Porush, his ex-wife was served with a lawsuit during her son’s Bar Mitzvah. She was no Jew.

Her son’s Jewish heritage came from his felon of a father.

The ambitious entrepreneur was born to a doctor in February 1957 in New York City.

His father and his father before him practiced Judaism.

He attended the Lawrence Woodmere Academy and went on to Boston University to study business but dropped out.

All these, have been captured in Jordan Belfort’s book.


Danny Porush’s life went from biker boy to multi-millionaire within a short period.

Even though most of his belongings were apprehended, he still has managed to maintain his net worth.

However, it’s all under the name of his wife. Quite elusive, even for a man in his old age.

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