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Danny Koker

So you want to know about “Counting Cars” star Danny Koker’s Net worth, right? Great! Here in this article, we have just that and more on his married life with wife Korie Koker in wiki type biography. Check it out!

Danny Koker Net worth and salary

Danny Koker is a reality television star who has a net worth of 13 million dollars.  His primary sources of income are the tv Show “Counting Cars.” Other than that there are no any notable sources of income to add up in Danny Koker’s Net Worth. The salary he receives from the show per episode is $100,000.

Looking into the fact that the show “Counting Cars” is still airing and not going to end anytime soon, he is likely to earn more in comming days. So it’s safe to say that Danny’s Net Worth will increase in comming years and we’ll keep on updating.

Danny Koker's net worth is $13 Million

Danny Koker’s net worth is $13 Million

Danny Koker is married to wife Korie Koker

Danny Koker is, of course, a married man. But what do we know about his wife? Let’s meet the star’s wife, Korie Koker. Danny Koker and his wife have always worked so well together as business partners. She says her husband always puts his trust in her. She can make her own decisions, and he always gives her the last say.

Beautiful Couple: Danny Koker and his wife Korie Koker in black dress

Danny Koker married to wife Korie Koker

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So she is quite happy to know that he leaves everything up to her to do. Her husband is always so supportive of her. She has been married for quite a long time, and since then she says she always goes to her husband for good advice. Korie further adds that her husband has her back and she can always count on him, no matter what.

It is so clear that the couple live a happy life together.

Danny Koker wife Korie’s death rumor

It was rumored that his wife had died in a car accident. However, this is not true.

Danny Koker wiki: Bio and age

Danny Koker was born on 5 January 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. His real name is  Daniel Nicholas Koker II.He is 53 years old.

He was born in Detroit, Michigan. He grew up being exposed to automobiles as this was in his family. Today, he fixes up cars. Most of his relatives worked for the  Ford Motor Company. He taught himself all the basics of cars. This guy taught himself everything that he needed to know about the automotive industry.

After mastering his knowledge of cars, he made his way slowly to start working on and fixing cars and motorcycles. He later on after his relocation to Nevada, became the co-owner of a local television station, where he was the host of a weekly series, called “Saturday Fright at the Movies.”

Danny then proceeded to open his vehicle restoration and repair shop. The shop has a reputation for only using the highest quality of materials and parts to build good value cars and trucks. He appeared on two of the History Channel’s  reality tv series, “Pawn Stars” and “American Restoration.”

After appearing on those shows, Danny was awarded his show, called, “Counting Cars”. The series is about how Danny and his staff, collect cars, fix them up and refurbish them. The show was aired in August 2012. By  December 2013, Counting Cars had already aired 40 episodes that made up two seasons.

He has his collection of cars. His collection is home to more than 50 cars and motorcycles. The star doesn’t only have a car repair store, but he also owns his own /restaurant called Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill. He also has his tattoo parlor called Count’s Tattoo Company which is situated in Las  Vegas.

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    1. It’s Danny Koker “The Count” father who died in 2008. His real name is “Danny Koker” (Daniel Nicholas Koker I) and our Danny Koker is Danny “The Count” Koker (Daniel Nicholas Koker II)

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