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Daniel Tosh Net Worth & Salary 2018.

Daniel Tosh is a standup comedian who up there with Sarah Silverman, Kevin Hart, Dave Chappelle, and Wanda Sykes. Typically, comedy is not an easy game, and whether you are looking to make it in Las Vegas or Los Angeles, it can be a steep road. But Tosh is a lucky man; everything worked out well for him. His work in the field of entertainment has earned him a lot of respect in the comedy industry as well as a significant Net Worth, coming from his sold-out shows, endorsements, and salary from commercials he has done.

Daniel Tosh Net worth 2018 is $16 Million.

His comedy is on another level; other people even argue that his OCD is one of the significant factors to his delivery when presenting his jokes.

Tosh got some of his net worth from his standup comedy DVDs, hit shows, cameos in movies and television shows. The following chart shows how much he was paid for the gigs he has done.

TV shows/ movies/standup Income Earned
Brickleberry 2,797,203.00
Happy Thoughts 2,272,727.00
2009 onward 1,731,602.00
The Love Guru 1,298,701.00
Completely Serious 1,108,647.00
Tosh.O used to be aired on Comedy Network around 2009
Tosh. O, Daniel Tosh show

Eventually, his comedy landed him his TV show known as Tosh O, which was aired on The Comedy Network in 2009. His show was about viral internet videos which he made fun of. His show was a favorite among the youth and adults. It was the second watched program at that time. All the money is flowing in, now you know why Daniel Tosh Net Worth is so huge.

The show became successful that it was renewed a couple of times until 2015. The show was sold into syndication and made Daniel Tosh some decent amount, although no one knows how much he made. Even though the show had a low budget, it managed to stay on the air for many seasons.

Year Net Worth
2003 $11 million
2014 $14 million
2018 $16 million

Many people consider Tosh as a funny character. However, there are times where he goes overboard, turning his character into offensive behavior. At one time, he made a joke about rape, which involved a woman in the audience, during a Laugh factory show.

In the show, he focused on one woman and said it would be funny if the woman got raped by five guys at that moment. And he said what if several guys just raped her. Many people did not like the joke. However, he later apologized for his behavior after his remarks angered many people in the audience.

Daniel Tosh Salary is estimated to be $1.5 Million Yearly.

House, cars in his net worth

Tosh has made a lot of money from his comedy career and is in the same league with other top-tier comedians in America. Not much is shared about his cars, lifestyle, and house. But it is evident that a man of his statue must be owning some exotic rides, a house worth millions of dollars, and definitely lives life in the first lane.

Career that made him rich

Daniel Tosh

If you love Daniel Tosh or have heard at least one or two things about him, then you must know that his humor has made him a lot of money. Tosh is known to make some distasteful remarks at times and many love to hate him and love him, but this seems to earn him even more Salary.

However, what skyrocketed his career is the “Tosh Tour on Ice” standup show that enjoyed massive sold out, in 2011. This not only earned him a substantial amount of money from the ticket sales but also built his name as a comedian.

Another notable event was his incredible performance in 2014. Each ticket sold for $161.94. Forbes placed him at position nine on the list of the highest-earning comedians in America, from the ticket sales.

Forbes placed him at position 9 on the list of the highest-earning comedians in America, from the ticket.

Name Daniel Tosh
Profession Actor, Standup Comedian
Net Worth $16 million
Marital Status Single
Salary $1.5 yearly.
Height 1.91 m
Star sign Gemini
Nickname Shart-Face-Miggy

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