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Dan Patrick wife Susan Patrick, know his net worth and salary 2022.

Dan Patrick and his wife Susan Patrick

Professionally known as Dan Patrick whose real name is Daniel Patrick Pugh is an American sportscaster, radio personality, and an actor. He has hosted several television shows and has featured in many radio shows. He is mainly known for his radio show “The Dan Patrick Show” that is aired on Premiere Radio Networks among many other shows. Know Dan Patrick’s Wife, Susan Patrick. Also, wait until you check this radio personality’s Salary and Net Worth.

Dan Patrick and Susan Patrick are married. Any kids?

The American sportscaster is married. He is married to his longtime girlfriend, now wife, Susan White. The duo met way when they were working on CNN. He was working in CNN as a broadcaster whereas Susan was a producer for the show dubbed Inside Politics.

They dated for sometime before the duo got married. It is wise to note that they had never divulged any information about when they actually got married and the venue.

Dan Patrick and his wife Susan White Patrick are parents. The couple has four children together.  They have three daughters and one son. Little information is known about their children, but the couple has been happily living together as a family.

Dan Patrick & Susan Patrick are couple
Caption:- Dan Patrick & wife Susan Patrick are happy couple

How much is Dan Patrick salary? His net worth, house, and cars

Dan Patrick has been working in the media industry for close to three decades now working in various big media stations. This media personality has been recognized as one of the both in television and radio stations. The multi-talented fellow has achieved considerable success in his career. So, working for so long with a successful career must have given him a handsome salary and an impressive net worth, right?

The fact that the sportscaster has worked in many media stations for many years is enough to prove that he has made a fortune. He has amassed enormous wealth from his career.  The salary earned by the sportscaster is more than $10 Million per year, he must be making a fortune. Dan Patrick net worth is approximately $40 million.

This media personality lives a lavish life. He owns a big house in Milford. The house is situated in  Connecticut, and it is just an incredible house. Dan Patrick is also a car, an owning a fleet of expensive guzzlers. He has often appeared publicly driving different cars for different occasions. He is just a blessed man.

Dan Patrick Net Worth is $25 Million
Caption:- Dan Patrick Net Worth is $40 Million

Career Details

The career of him can be traced back to  1979 when he joined WTUE as a sportscaster in Dayton. He later joined CNN from between 1983 and 1989 as a sports reporter, and he was assigned to reporting sports news related to NBA Finals, World series, and Winter Olympics.

The sportscaster later joined ESPN as a sports anchor where he established a strong fan base, and this was a breakthrough in his career. He worked with ESPN from 1989 to 2006. He became one of the most loved and celebrated sports anchoring ESPN.

While working at ESPN, he launched his show dubbed “The Dan Patrick” Show which was also aired on ESPN from September 1999 to August 2007.

Dan Patrick Career Details
Caption:- a Successful Sports reporter.

After retiring from ESPN, Dan Patrick worked with NBC sports as a cohost in the show Football Night in America. His show also was broadcasted on 101 Network from August 2009. The sportscaster also had a fruitful career in acting, and he appeared in several notable movies including The Definite Maybe and The Do-Over in 2006.

Dan Patrick wiki Bio

Short Bio on his wife, Susan White Patrick

Little information is known about Susan White Patrick, the wife of the celebrated sports anchor. However, Susan Patrick is a journalist, and she initially worked in CNN as a producer in 1980s.

Susan White Patrick is long girlfriend and now wife of Jan Patrick
Caption:- Susan White is now the wife of Dan Patrick


Little information is known about her parents and her year of birth. The mother of four is happily living with his husband.

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