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Craig Melvin Wife Lindsay Czarniak Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Meet Craig Melvin Wife Lindsay Czarniak. Her Net Worth, Salary.

Lindsay Czarniak is a Pennsylvania-born elite sports anchor and news reporter famous for ESPN and WRC-TV. Others may recognize her as Craig Melvin’s wife.

Despite all these different descriptions of her, one thing is sure, she demands one hell of a salary for her expertise and, as such, garnered a considerable net worth. Here’s a sneak peek into her fortune as well as her personal life, all summarized in the reporter’s wiki-bio.

Lindsay Czarniak’s net worth, salary

The sport’s anchor has significantly been immersed in her work to reach its pinnacle. Lindsay Czarniak’s net worth peaks at approximately $3 million. Unlike other journalists and sports anchors, her minimum-wage salary starts at $1.5 million, which means not all networks can afford her.

Image of Journalist, Lindsay Czarniak net worth is $3 million

Journalist Lindsay Czarniak’s net worth is $3 million

As a result, she left her mark on large networks like WRC-TV, an NBC-owned station, and the ESPN channel. Some of her notable credits go on shows like SportsCenter on ESPN, The George Michael Sports Magazine, and covering the 2008 Summer Olympics held in Beijing, China. (2008)

Other roles which also formed part of her sources of income to add to Lindsay Czarniak’s net worth included writing blogs and forwarding them to Networks like WRC-TV. She also had other contracts like hosting a half-hour show called Gymnastics on Oxygen and guest-starring on shows like The Tony Kornheiser Show. Different, surprising roles include making cameos on films like Ghosts Don’t Exist and Aquarius in 2000.

The career that gave Lindsay Czarniak $3 Million Net worth.

The highly-rated sports anchor started like any other journalist – from the bottom. Even before she graduated from college at Jason Madison University, she had already envisioned herself as a great sports anchor someday.

As such, Craig Melvin’s wife, Lindsay Czarniak, applied for an internship opportunity at WUSA, a CBS-affiliated channel based in Washington DC. After completing her studies, Lindsay Czarniak landed a job as a reporter for WAWS news, A Fox-owned affiliate channel based in Jacksonville, Florida. Furthermore, she also worked as a production assistant as part of the CNN team.

Until 2005, her career shone brighter after landing a job at WRCT-TV. The exposure opened up leeway for other opportunities like WTEV-TV, WTVJ, the Speed Channel, and many more. Throughout these stations were five years spent working since she began in 2000.

The opportunity took her to places, reporting for the Winter Olympics of 2006 and so much more. However, after working for six years with the network, she decided on moving on to greener pastures with ESPN in 2011. Lindsay’s contract expired in 2017, and currently, she is engrossed with her job at Joe Gibbs Professional Stock Car Racing Team.

Lindsay Czarniak has been Married to her husband, Craig Melvin, since 2011.

Lindsay Czarniak became Craig Melvin’s wife on October 5th, 2011, in an auspicious ceremony held in Washington D.C at the Holy Trinity Church. Perhaps the most memorable moment of their union was arriving in style in a classic Bentley following a stunning motorcade.

Image of Lindsay Czarniak with her husband Craig Melvin

Lindsay Czarniak with her husband, Craig Melvin

Craig is also doing well regarding his career. Like his wife, he is also a high-profile news anchor at WRC-TV, where she formerly worked. With their combined net worth figures, the couple thought it wise to start their own family.

They are the proud parents of two kids, Delano and Sibby Melvin, born on March 10th, 2014, and November 6th, 2016, respectively. Craig Melvin and his wife Lindsay Czarniak live peacefully without marriage-ending rumors in Connecticut.


Full Name Lindsay Ann Czarniak
Age 44
Date of birth November 7th, 1977
Place of Birth Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Profession Sports anchor and reporter
Net worth $3 million
Salary $1.5 million
Husband Craig Melvin
Kids 2
Height 5 feet 7 inches
Zodiac sign Scorpio

Lindsay was born to Chet and Terri Czarniak in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. However, she grew up in Northern Virginia with her younger brother, Andrew, who serves as a U.S Coast Guard. The year was 1977, on November 7th, when the family welcomed the little bundle of joy.

Her mother was a principal at Rose Hill Elementary School, whereas her father is a managing editor at Lindsay derived her passion from him to become a sports news anchor while closely following in his footsteps.

Her goals drove her from Centreville High School, where she used to play lacrosse and field hockey. Her love for sports further moved her to James Madison University, located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. It is here that she got her reporting credentials after focusing her studies on Online Journalism. The rest from there is history.


Lindsay Czarniak or better yet, Craig Melvin’s wife is a competent sports journalist. Her reprising expertise in the field has generated her a $3 million net worth figure from her $1.5 million salary head.

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