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Yukon Men Star Courtney Agnes net worth, husband, age, salary in wiki bio. 2022

Courtney Agnes

Courtney Agnes is a name that is not quite far from the tongues of the Alaskan people.

She has worldwide recognition for her adventurous lifestyle and being the perfect example of an Alaskan woman.

She is a hardworking woman who has an ever-active lifestyle. Her work is something to be proud of, and she is appreciated by many of her fellow citizens.

Her physical attributes and motivation are what nobody else in her field has, and what she holds are qualities that can not be compared or matched by someone else.

But what do we know about her life daily? Let’s take finer details about Cortney Agnes’ husband, net worth, and salary.

Courtney Agnes is married. Meet the husband and Daughters.

The star is married to Archie Agnes. He is a snow machine enthusiast.

Also, he competitively does races in the Iron-Dog. Courtney and Archie enjoy hunting, fishing, boating, snow machining, and camping.

Courtney Agnes happily hugging her husband Archie Agnes

Courtney Agnes married her husband, Archie Agnes

Source: Flickr

Courtney Agnes is s born and bred Alaskan and adventurist. She is a mother to two children. Their names are Frances and Carrie.

They currently live in Tanana, Alaska, providing a friendly but hard-working lifestyle for their children.

Cute Family Picture: Courtney Agnes with husband Archie Agnes, and daughters; Frances and Carrie

Courtney Agnes with her husband and two daughters


Courtney Agnes’ net worth and salary from Yukon men.

Courtney Agnes’ Net Worth is estimated to be around $50,000. The TV Show’s primary source of her income is to add to her net worth.

No other reasonable source of income can be seen other than the show.

Courtney Agnes' net worth is $50,000

Courtney Agnes’ net worth is $50,000

Courtney Agnes Wiki- bio and age

However, Courtney Agnes was born in Tatiana, Alaska; her age is unknown.

She is the daughter of Pat Moore, and known to be one of the hardest women that work on frontiers.

Additionally, she has two children. With her hectic daily schedule, she works hard to balance her time between being a mother to her two lovely daughters and her yard with the dogs.

The star is a typical Yukon woman; she is not afraid of any challenges or obstacles in her way. She dedicated her time to raising and training her dogs, working on the fish wheel, and hunting for food for her family.

Courtney does not have a profession. Instead, she stays at home to look after her children. At the same time, she lends a helping hand to her family’s dogs.

She is the ideal example of what it is to be an “Alaskan “girl.”  She spends her time at home while being in the wilderness. This is where she can do whatever men can do.

Courtney is admirable because she can also release her feminine side by showing us her maturity levels as a woman, mother, and daughter. These strong qualities are most definitely needed in the environment where she lives.

"Yukon Men" cast members alongside Courtney Agnes

Courtney Agnes is a cast member of the popular TV series Young Mens

Source: Pinterest

The Yukon Men star says she has also enjoyed “her mischievous and fun nature.” Like several other Alaskan women, she displays excellent acts of immense strength, hard work, and dedication to their families.

This is what is most inspiring. Courtney and other Alaskan women are nowhere close to glamorous women, but they have kind hearts and lively spirits that breathe life.


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