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Corey Harrison Illness: Health Update and Weight Loss Explained.

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Corey Harrison Illness

Corey Harrison is a renowned American TV personality famous as a cast member of History’s reality television show “Pawn Stars.” The show is basically about the pawning business in which the three generations of the Harrison family are involved.

Corey, his father, Rick, and his late grandfather, Richard, managed the family company together, resulting in conflict and companionship throughout every turn. Now he and his father apply their keen vision and talents to estimate the worth of artefacts ranging from the mundane to the extremely historic.

While he still seemed to be going strong on the show, fans were concerned owing to his drastic change in appearance. Well, Corey had embarked on a weight-loss path since discovering he was pre-diabetic. In the past few years, he has been outspoken regarding weight reduction upon a revitalized doctor’s consultation.

Who is Corey Harrison?

Richard Corey Harrison simply referred to as Corey Harrison, is a famous American businessman and a TV star. He is the star of History’s “Pawn Stars,” which he co-hosted with his father, Rick Harrison and late grandfather, Richard Benjamin Harrison.

The program showcases the family’s work at Las Vegas’ World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. The pawn business mostly purchased and traded jewelry, but it also had antiquities and one-of-a-kind objects for sale.

The captivating personas of the Harrison household captured the interest of film and TV makers. In 2001, a PBS film highlighted the business, and in 2003, an episode of HBO‘s “Insomniac With Dave Attell“.

He was born on April 27, 1983, to his father, Rick, and Mother, Kim Harrison. Harrison, fondly nicknamed “Big Hoss,” started working at the business at the very young age of nine.

The Pawn Star host was previously wedded to his high school darling, Charlene, with whom he parted ways in 2015. Currently, he is happily married to his then-girlfriend Kiki, with whom he got hitched in May 2017 in San Diego, California.

Corey Harisson Weight Loss

Working on the show, Corey drew a lot of focus on his looks. While his prominence as a television personality grew, Harrison started to become wary regarding his appearance and, more significantly, his well-being.

Corey Harrison weight loss after illness

Moreover, he embarked on a weight-loss path since discovering he was pre-diabetic. He has also been outspoken regarding weight reduction upon a revitalized doctor’s consultation.

He decided to have gastric bypass surgery and follow a healthy diet in 2010. He shed an astonishing 250 pounds after the operation and continues to live a healthy life.

Before that, Big Hoss weighed roughly 365 pounds. Many found Corey to be an inspiring example.

Corey Harrison Health Update

Corey Harrison’s health seems to be pretty fine and to that, and he did not have any serious sickness upon undergoing massive weight reduction surgery. Moreover, rumours were circulating regarding him having a brain attack, which is purely speculative.

Currently, the businessman and TV persona is happy and content with his life. However, he once had a close-to-death encounter due to a severe motorbike accident in 2014 on the way to his own birthday celebration.

Fortunately, he survived the injury and continued his business pursuit.

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