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Cliff Barackman Wiki Bio, Wife, Wedding, Net Worth, Age 2022

Cliff Barackman

Cliff Barackman is an American, one of the best-known television researchers and television show hosts. He is also a co-host of the Animal Planet Program, Monsterquest, Finding Bigfoot, and many other Bigfoot television series. Learn more about his married life and wife, Melissa Barackman. Also, stay tuned to look at Cliff Barackman’s Net Worth and Salary.

Cliff Barackman is married. Meet his wife, Melissa Barackman.

Cliff Barackman is married. He is married to his longtime girlfriend, Melissa Barackman, and the wedding took place in his birthplace.

The couple has been happily married for some time now. Cliff’s wife, Melissa Barackman, is a makeup artist in Oregon, Portland, and she has specialized her career in television and film makeup.

The fact that the two share a typical career might have been their source of love and commitment.

Cliff is a television host and a documentarist, whereas his wife Melissa is a makeup artist in film and television.

Maybe they met in their workplace. Just maybe.

Cliff Barackman with his lovely wife Melissa Barackman
Caption:- Cliff Barackman with his lovely wife, Melissa Barackman

It is safe to say that this couple spends their married life happily with joys and without trouble.

Net Worth and Salary

Cliff Barackman has achieved considerable success in his career. The series “Finding Bigfoot” has earned him quite a fortune in his career.

Although “Finding Bigfoot” is what brought him to the peak of success, he featured in several documentaries and television shows.

All this has paid him enormously, but the only primary source of income to add to his Net Worth is the TV show “Finding Bigfoot.”

The net salary he is paid per episode from the show “Finding Bigfoot” remains unknown. But basing that, he has appeared in many plays; his net salary is incredible.

Cliff Barackman’s net worth is over $3 million. However, his net worth is subject to increment, given that he is still active in acting and television production.

Cliff Barackman Net Worth is $1.6 Million
Cliff Barackman Net Worth is $3 Million

Wiki Bio: age

He was born on November 28, 1970, in California. Little about his parents are known.

Cliff is now 51 years and his birthday will be on November 28.

He spent his youthful years in Long Beach, California. He later settled in Portland, Oregon.

Cliff Barackman attended California State University. As a student at a university, he became fascinated with Bigfoot.

He, therefore, decides to dedicate his life to researching the creature. He has achieved considerable success in his quest to unmask the beast and now has produced many television series about it.

Cliff Barackman with his pet Dog

Cliff is also a composer of various songs. He is a renowned guitarist and a songwriter. He mainly plays jazz songs. Some musical beats used in the Bigfoot television series are his creations.

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