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Christina Haack is Sick Again: Detail Health Issues and Updates.

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Christina Haack, a.k.a. Christina Hall, has a wonderful television career, flipping and restoring houses, on HGTV’s “Christina in the Country.” But, it seems like her health is not as flourishing as her career.

The celebrity has been updating her fans on her health since the start, and most recently, she informed her followers that she had had more testing to look for any inside abnormalities.

Now, let’s have a detailed look at what is causing so much of issues in Christina Haack’s health.

Christina Haack (Hall) Recent Health Update: Is She All Right?

With just one month into the year 2023, the 39-year-old HGTV broadcaster Christina Haack has given us a fresh health update. She said she underwent a new round of tests in January 2023 to find the root cause of her issue.

On 30th January, she posted a story on her Instagram handle and claimed to be on a quest to figure out what was happening. “I did an expensive and super extensive panel, and I got all my results back,” said Christina.

Image of Christina Haack

The host of “Christina on Coast” and “Christina in the Country” revealed that her test reports were not that good as she has got “100 different types of molds, metals and bacterias.” Likewise, she also talked about how an abnormal amount of gut bacterias, including sibo and parasites, resulted in a high level of toxicity.

Hacck stated that these gut bacterias and parasites were the most extensive conditions, but it was not all. She also has heavy metal issue inside her body.

After talking about her health issues, the HGTV host stated that she is undergoing a “parasite cleanse” as a remedy for her condition. Christina explained that the procedure is unpleasant, but it seems like the star is dealing with it positively.

She said, “I heard it gets worse before it gets better,” she said. “It’s pretty brutal but I’m hoping at the end I feel good.”

To further clarify her health problems, “The Christina on Coast,” star posted another Instagram story where she added links to her lab’s website and mentioned detoxing after conducting all the required tests.

Finally, she said that she could already feel the detox’s positive changes. As mentioned earlier, the celebrity has been quite vocal about her personal life and health issues.

She first opened up about her health problems in 2021 when she mentioned having severe stomach issues since 2016. While the doctors gave her medications to avoid the pain, Christina said she realized that avoiding the pain was not going to help her in the long run.

Another health update was on December 2022, when she shared with her fans about her unexplained health problem, including inflammation and being tired all the time. While she thought those issues were due to her breast implants, the reality was different. She found all her unexplained health problems were due to mercury and lead poisoning.

Furthermore, Christina said the poisoning could be from refurbishing all the old and antique houses during her career. However, to overcome the issue, she was detoxing with herbs and IVs and eating clean.

Christina, who has been married thrice, now shares her life with Josh Hall and is co-parenting her 3 children with her former spouses

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