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Lecrae and wife Darragh Moore happily married with 3 kids. know more about his wife.

Christian Rapper Lecrae

Christian Rapper Lecrae is a successful man in his professional life. He has a large following and has time and again topped the charts, his records have continued to prove this.Lecrae has made it big being a rapper. He was born in Houston, Texas and is the president of Reach Records. His career began in 2004, shortly after converting to Christianity.Since then, he has released a total of 7 albums.

So clearly the rapper’s  career is without fault, but can we say the same about his personal and married life? Let’s find out about his married life with wife, Darragh Moore and touch on the recent abortion saga from his ex-girlfriend.

Married life wife Darragh Moore

Much has been in the air lately regarding the couple’s commitment to each other. There has been speculation that the couple were on the verge of spilling of their engagement news. But it seems as if they just jumped straight for wedding bells! A reliable source reveals that the rapper was spotted showing off his new wedding ring earlier this week.

Lecrae seems happy with his wife Darragh Moore

Lecrae and his wife Darragh Moore

Source: Zimbio

Lecrae and Moore were said to have exchanged “I Do” in an intimate morning ceremony at an unknown location, present at the ceremony were few close friends and family members.

Twitter seemed to have had fans going crazy.

“They certainly looked like a happy couple”

a close friend Tweeted on Wednesday (September 13). Was he hinting at Lecrae’s wedding day? This has sparked quite a stir amongst fans.

Darragh Moore and Lecrae have recently married but their marriage has been put on the rocks following the abortion saga of Lecrae’s ex-girlfriend.

Lecrae’s says his wife is a priority. He feels that his wife knows that they build their life around their marriage because they want and know that it will last forever. Their relationship is what will last, his music career won’t last because he knows that he won’t be able to tour for his whole life.

At the bottom of it all, Lecrae is happy with his wife. He is happy with his married life and described it to be a place where he finds his comfort. He has a supportive wife and refers to her as the person who helps him carry all his burdens and she is a part of him.

Lecrae’s and his wife make sure that their relationship is kept a priority and will always try to keep it that way. They know that this will mean that sacrifices need to be made, but it is a change that they will endure to keep their marriage together.

Every year the couple get together and question where they would like to be in 3 years time.They have expressed that their schedule has been so busy that their calendar has literally no space for plans.The couple, however, block dates for the upcoming year and forcefully take their time to spend it  together

Lecrae says that no matter where has been invited, he won’t attend. Because that time is his wife’s time and he wants the small things to count.

Darragh Moore Bio

Darragh Moore has not revealed any information about herself to the media. She seems to be taking a rather secretive approach and also has her Instagram on private.

Kids and family members

The couple has 3 children and have chosen not to provide any information about their children and believes that it is best if their kids were free of social media. Lecrae states that his kids don’t like the attention. We managed to get this only picture of the beautiful family.

Happy Family: Lecrae with his wife, son and daughter

Lecrae with his beautiful family

Source: Pinterest

Christian rapper confessed abortion with ex-girlfriend

Lecrae has openly given exposure in such a clear way in his track “Good, Bad, Ugly”. The first verse of the song tells about his past relationship with his ex-girlfriend who he allowed, to have an abortion.The verse clearly tells us about his sinful relationship.

Rapper Lecrae in red cap

Lecrae relationship history


The spin of the song gives a clear confession where it says “ a part of us died”.The rapper takes full responsibility for the abortion and publicly stated his sins that included drug use and sexual activities.He thought he could overlook his sins, but felt best when he decided to reveal them.The abortion that he allowed his ex-girlfriend to go through with, will remain unchanged and so he keeps her photo as a memory.

He thought he could overlook his sins, but felt best when he decided to reveal them.The abortion that he allowed his ex-girlfriend to go through with, will remain unchanged and so he keeps her photo as a memory.

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