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Christian Ponder Net Worth, Salary. Meet His Wife Samantha Steele. 2022

Image of Christian Ponder Wife, Net Worth, Salary.

Christian Andrew Ponder is a former American football quarterback, popularly known as Christian Ponder. He is the proud son of David Ponder and Christian Ponder. Currently, the star is 34 years of age as he was born on the 25th day of February 1988 in Dallas, Texas. His career has made him attract a large fan base within a couple of years.

Today, we bring you details about the soccer player’s career, especially Christian Ponder’s net worth and salary. In this detailed and interesting piece, be sure to get information about Christian Ponder’s wife, Samantha Lee.

Christian Ponder’s Net Worth, Salary.

Have you ever heard of a top American player earning less net worth and salary? You should, therefore, expect Christian Ponder’s net worth and salary to be something substantial.

It is not revealed whether he has other sources of income, but his primary source of these earnings is his football career.

In case you were not sure if football pays well, Christian Ponder’s bank balance should give you the answer.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Christian Ponder’s net worth is $12 million. He receives a $4.9 million salary per year.

Image of American football player, Christian Ponder net worth is $10 million

American football player Christian Ponder net worth is $10 million

Christian Ponder’s career details

The star’s career began as soon as he joined Colleyville Heritage High School. Here, he was a senior football player and passed for 1,214 yards and 20 touchdowns.

After completing his high school studies, the star joined Florida State University, where he continued his football career.

This is because he played soccer for three years at college in 2007. One year after his graduation, Christian Ponder was lucky to secure a spot in the National Football league NFL. Minnesota Vikings team, to be precise, selected him in the first round of the NFL 2011 Draft.

Christian Ponder played for this team from 2011-to 2014.

On the 13th day of March 2015, the gentleman experienced another kind of career fortune because Christian Ponder was picked to be part of the Oakland Raiders. He was only going to work on a one-year contract with the teams, and besides the salary the team would be paying him, Oakland Raiders also had him sign for a $1.5 million bonus.

More fortune was on his way because a year later, on 24th August 2016, the soccer player was picked by the San Francisco 49ers.

Although this team did not offer him any additional bonuses and guarantees, he agreed to sign their $800,000 contract.

With the teams he has worked for since the start of his career, you now understand why Christian Ponder’s net worth is enormous and his salary.

Christian Ponder Is Married To his Wife, Samantha Steele.

Just like himself, Christian Ponder’s wife is also a celebrity. In fact, you have met her on several occasions if you are a loyal fan of ESPN. Christian Ponder’s wife works at ESPN as a sports journalist.

She goes by the name Samantha Steele. Christian Ponder’s wife is slightly older than the former player as she was born on 11th December 1985 hence 36 years presently. Their dating relationship is among the shortest ones in history.

Influencing this is that the soccer player met his darling wife in October 2012, but after two months of dating, the two got married. Their wedding, which took place on 17th December 2012, was held in a Wisconsin courtroom in Hudson.

Image of Christian Ponder with his wife Samantha Steele

Christian Ponder with his wife, Samantha Steele

Although a woman with busy career life, Christian Ponder’s wife has successfully blessed her husband with two beautiful children, the firstborn, Bowden Sainte-Claire, came into existence on the 2nd day of July 2014.

Around a mid-this year, the couple was again blessed with baby number two. Details about the child are yet to become unveiled. So far, Christian Ponder’s wife, Samantha Steele, and the star seem to be enjoying a perfect marriage since no relationship dramas have rented the air.

Quick Facts about Christian Ponder

Name Christian Ponder
Age 34
Birthdate 25.02.1988
Birthplace Dallas, Texas
Career Soccer player
Net worth $12 million
Salary $4. 9 million
Wife Samantha Steele Ponder-married in 2012
Children 2

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