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At this time and age, you can’t be a fan of American football and fail to know Chris Berman. He is famous for his engaging sports shows on ESPN. Born on 10th May 1955 in Greenwich rooted in Connecticut, the gentleman is a legend in sports analysis. This is because he has been in the sportscasting industry for nearly 30 years.  Some even think that he deserves the title, ‘face of ESPN’ if not ‘face of American Sports.’ Although some have nicknamed him the Swami or boomer, his official names are Christopher James Berman. Get the opportunity of disclosing Chris Berman’s net worth and salary as well as his property and career details below.

Chris Berman’s Net Worth & Salary Details. House, cars, properties

In case you did not know, be informed that the sportscaster is an award-winning sports journalist. Among the awards Chris Berman has won include the Sportscaster of the Year Award. He won this award six times. As of 2016, he ranked as the 7th top paid sportscaster globally. With such information, you don’t have to be told that Chris Berman’s net worth and salary is enormous.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Chris Berman’s net worth and salary as of 2018 are an estimated $20 million and $ 5 million respectively. His salary and net worth are bound to increase just like they have been rising since the beginning of his career. Take the example of 2016. During this year, Chris Berman’s net worth and salary were $18 million and $3 million.

This should tell you that in two years’ time again, Chris Berman’s bank balance will be higher than they are currently. The gentleman does not make his earning from sports journalism alone. Chris Berman’s income emanates from journalism, movie and commercial appearances.

Image ofSports commentator, Chris Berman net worth is $20 million

Sports commentator, Chris Berman net worth is $20 million

One of the properties that he has managed to own because of his massive net worth and salary is an expensive real estate earthed in Hawaii. He also has a mansion in Hawaii, Maui to be precise. The mansion is four bedroomed with five bathrooms and on the balconies; one can enjoy a panoramic view. It is also well furnished and occupies an area of 4,320 sq. Feet. According to him, the house cost him a lot of money, but we doubt if he felt the pinch.

Although he has left out details of his other properties, we trust that just like his mansion, his cars and other assets are pretty much expensive. The speculation is not only influenced by his expensive mansion but because of Chris Berman’s net worth and salary.

Chris Berman Career details.

His career details are among the longest, but we try and give it to you in a nutshell. It all began while he was a student at Brown University. Here, he played the role of sports director for the campus radio station, WBRU. He was also Brown’s University basketball, ice hockey, football and baseball games’ radio and commentator.

With the little experience in the field, WERI radio situated in Westerly, Rhode Island gave him a chance to host their news talk show and football and basketball games immediately after his graduation. From here, he hosted a show titled Calling All Sports for WNVR radio rooted in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

In 1996, he was lucky to get a spot on ABC Sports where he served as a part-time host on Monday Night Football. It was in October 1979 that he began working at ESPN. However, he did not get to the top at ESPN automatically. During the first 11 years at ESPN, he served as a regular sports reporter.

Quick Facts about Chris Berman earnings

Name Christopher James Berman
Age 63
Birthdate 10. 05.1955
Career Sportscasting
Net worth $20 million
Annual Salary $5 million

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