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Chief Keef net worth 2022. House, Cars, Baby Mama, Real Name.

Chief Keef's net worth

Hip-hop music has always been associated with the black culture mostly. However, we’re not here to battle it out to find out who does it best. Instead, we shall focus on one artist and legendary rapper based in Chicago named Keith Cozart, better known to the world as Chief Keef. Find out more about Rapper Chief Keef’s net worth, career, kids, baby mamma and so much more.

Chief Keef’s Net Worth is $2 Million in 2018.

Whenever a new artist hits the streets, every record label scrambles to sign them. Especially when they show a lot of potentials. However, there are several reasons that can make a label retract the contract they had sealed. The most common being when the artist is washed up.

Chief Keef’s net worth in 2018 is approximately $2 million. He tried the whole label thing, but that didn’t work out either. And it’s not because he is washed up. In fact, the artist has gone to produce quite some albums, mixtapes, and singles that have not only risen the charts but also inspired other rappers. More on that on his career.

He makes all his money solely based on his music. From performances to ticket and album sales, he sure is living it up with his current improved lifestyle.

Chief Keef's net worth

House and Cars in Chief Keef’s Net Worth.

With the money he makes, buying a house is like buying stuff from a grocery store. Recently, he wouldn’t shut up about his move to a mansion in Tarzana, California. Photos of Chief Keef’s House are all over his Instagram feed as well as YouTube. The place has a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi at the back, a fitted home gym and a bunch of bedrooms. Probably a good choice if he wants to raise all his kids.

When it comes to flaunting his wealth, the rapper likes them to play it dirty. The streets of California never have peace especially when he chooses to take a stroll with his Ferrari 458 Spider. Other beautiful metal works in his name include the Bentley Roadster, a Bentley Mulsanne and an Audi Q7.

Let’s not forget the Italian beast in the name of a Lamborghini that he owns. His collection wouldn’t be complete without a German machine in his possession as he owns one of the latest makes of the BMW brand. The BMW i8.

Chief Keef's Bentley Car

The career that Gave Chief Keef $2 Million Net Worth.

When music is in your blood, there’s no running away from it. It definitely won’t choose an appropriate age to manifest itself either. The rapper’s musical journey began when he was 5 years old and playing with his mom’s Karaoke machine.

The musical genes soon manifested themselves when he was a teenager in high school where he entertained his friends. This path he chose led him to the road less traveled and made him drop out of school and focus on his vocals.

Rapper Chief Keef went on to release a mixtape titled the Glory road and Bang that soon attracted the local fanboys. The rapper got the right amount of motivation he needed to release even more hits when he got grounded by the law at his grandma’s place. This was after getting arrested and charged with firing a gun at a local park.

YouTube became his playground as he went on to release more tracks like Back from the dead and I don’t Like which captured the attention of rapper Kanye West. Record labels were all over him trying to get him to sign with them. The victory came with Interscope record label.

However, Chief Keef decided to go solo in 2014 and managed his own record label called Glo Gang. The only thorn to his career is the bad runs he has with the law for drug and firearm possession. Besides that, he’s in a good place with albums like Finally Rich and Band part 1-3.

Now you know about Chief Keef’s Net Worth and Career. Now meet his kids and baby mama.

Rapper Chief Keef Has 5 Children, but he is unmarried. Meet His Baby Mama.

Keith could probably start his own soft league basketball team with his kids if he wants to. The record producer already has 5 kids with different women and he isn’t married yet. He got his first kid at the age of 16.

Chief Keef with his Daughter

Caption:- Chief Keef with his Daughter.

He was once engaged to a model named Pretty Mesha in 2013 but the couple broke up. It was right about the same time that his mother’s kids started popping up and demanding child support from him. It’s definitely no secret that that could be a contributing factor to the end of their union

The kids include his eldest daughter named Kayden, Kimora, sons named Sno and Krue Karter as well as his youngest named Zinc Clark born in 2017.

Chief Keef with his son

Caption:- Chief Keef with his son.

Wiki-bio, Age, Real Name.

Name Chief Keef
Age 22
Date of Birth August 15th, 1995
Place of Birth Chicago
Profession Rapper, Record Producer
Net worth $2 million
Marital Status Single
Kids 5
ethnicity African American

Chief Keef’s real name is Keith Cozart. He is 22 years old as of now.

The 22-year-old rapper was born and raised in Chicago with his mother and grandmother. His dad went to splits Ville when he was born and was never seen of again. He had a step-brother named Gissendanner who got shot and died. The rapper attended Dyett High School before he dropped out and became a rapper.


Chief Keef has been revolutionary with his music. His albums have featured artists like Wiz Khalifa, Young Jeezy, and Rick Ross. With a net worth of $2 million at his current age, he focusses on giving his kids the best life possible. We certainly hope to hear more of him in future.

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