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Cheyenne Ruether Wiki-bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Husband, Boyfriend. 2022

Vegas Rat Rod Cheyenne Reuther and her Wiki-bio, Age, Net Worth, Married, Husband, Boyfriend

Cheyenne Ruether is a famous spokes-model, actress, and auto body mechanic. She gained her popularity from the famous American reality television show named ‘Vegas Rat Rods’. The show deals with a team of mechanics who designed hot rods that would look as if it is made straight away from Frankenstein’s garage. This team of mechanics used to work in a customized shop called ‘Welder Up’ and Ruether was the lone woman in that entire team of mechanics. She was a huge fan of this show when it aired on Discovery Channel and joined it in its third season.

Cheyenne Ruether Is Dating a Boyfriend Jason Egan and is not married to a husband yet.

Currently, she is unmarried and is dating Jason Egan. Ruether is often seen cruising around Las Vegas in her boyfriend’s 1954 Ford Mainline.

Cheyenne Ruether hasn’t shared any plans for getting married to her boyfriend so we can’t tell how this will end for this Vegas Rat Rods hottie. Information about her boyfriend Jaso Egan is also not provided all we have is some posts on her Instagram account.

Vegas Rat Rod Cheyenne Ruether Net Worth, Salary.

The exact net worth is not known. However, the muscle cars that they restore at Welder Up are sold off usually within $3000 to $200,000.

An auto body technician usually earns $15 and $60/hour, depending on the contract and varied salary of the TV industry. The staff spends 10-18 hours a day on Vegas Rat Rods, and even if it is a male-dominated trade, Cheyenne Ruether has made her spot.

Cheyenne Ruether currently owns a 1939 GMC truck, 1959 Chevrolet Apache, 2017 Cadillac Escalade, and a 2016 Ram 1500.

She sold her first car very recently for a profit margin of $2000. From the beginning to date, Ruether owned at least 30 to 40 vehicles and now lost count of it. After the ’67 Buick Skylark, she invested in the 1976 Chevy Laguna S3. She loved these two cars the most because they had swivel buckets and she could take them off to anywhere.

The third car she won, was a 1991 Mazda 323 hatchback, which she hated a lot. In competition with 14 guys, she secured third place and was an owner of this car along with 50 bucks. She felt the car looked ugly and she used it only for a couple of months after installing a killer stereo system. However, then she got bored of it and dumped it in the demolition drive.

Cheyenne Ruther wants to own a 1970 Chevelle, a 454 car that she discovered while restoring it at Welder Up.


Ruether used to hoard up a lot of auto traders in her growing years, which were unique and cheap. She studied auto body at Northern Alberta Institute of Management and is currently working on Vegas Rat Rods. Starring along with Steve Darnell and the Welder Up crew, she is a popular personality on television and is more than just a pretty face.

Vegas Rat Rod Cheyenne Reuther husband, boyfriend?

Cheyenne Ruether is a classic car junkie, and the first muscle car she bought was a ’67 Buick Skylark. She was only 18 when she bought it and treated it as her first baby always; she wanted to customize it and bring something more to the platter. Vegas Rat Rods hottie Cheyenne Ruether not only customized the front end but had also chopped off a lot of its parts. She was financially not strong enough to do a complete restoration.

Therefore, she wheeled the entire car down to a bare metal piece. She manufactured a clear coat on it and got herself a customized, unique rat rod muscle car. To make it something special, she upgraded the carburetor and pumped up all the fuel lines. She swapped out all of the little things, including bumpers and front grills, and customized them to build something new. Every other change she did was solely for aesthetic purposes.

Cheyenne Ruether Wiki-bio, Age.

While growing up in Edmonton, she used to tinker with cars since age six as her father and brother had a business in automotive. She used to race, off-road, and demolish debris with cars from a very young age. She had also registered for an apprenticeship program in 10th Grade, and since then she never looked back.

After ten years, she started to work at various collision shops as a certified Journeyman Auto Body Refinisher where she painted and refinished vehicles. She received many awards and painted vehicles for Matrix, Uno, Sherwin Williams, Sprayed PPG, Endura, and many more.

Birth NameCheyenne Ruether
Born InEdmonton, Alberta
Age30 years

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