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Charles Pol Wiki-Bio: Girlfriend Kelly, Net Worth, Age.

Charles Pol

This article is about Charles Pol. He is the adopted son of Dr. Pol and one of the casts on The Incredible Dr. Pol; a reality TV show that aired on Nat Geo Wild. In this article, I inform you all about the youngest member of this family, his family background, his net worth, his age, and his love relationships. Relax and enjoy this read to the end.

The Incredible Dr. Pol’s Charles Pol Net Worth

Unlike many children, Charles began working at the age of 5 years. Back then, he used to assist his father with some of the farm chores. Though he enjoyed helping his father with the farm and animals, Charles knew at a tender age that he did not wish to follow his father’s line of career.

Luckily for him, his parents were willing and ready to support him in whichever career he would choose to pursue. After his high school education, he joined the University of Miami where he graduated in the year 2003.

He later moved to Los Angeles, a city that has remained his resident to date. He is currently working in the entertainment industry. His first job was at Shoney’s; he worked here for one summer where he was tasked with doing the salad.

Caption:- Charles Pol’s Net Worth is Around $1 Million

As a producer and actor, Charles Pol currently has a net worth of approximately $1 million. He is the producer and part of the cast at his father’s show and that’s how he earns. His salary from the show is estimated to be close to $20,000.

He is in a relationship with girlfriend Kelly.

Moving on to a more private aspect of his life, Charles Pol has a girlfriend. Yes, he is in a relationship with Kelly. He does not shy away from flaunting his relationship with this girl publicly.

He shares their photos together on his social media pages. There is not much information about when the two will make their relationship official but going by all the indications on social media; this couple is doing quite well. We wish the two all the best; they look good together 🙂

We are yet to see if Kelly turns from Charles Pol’s Girlfriend to his wife. They haven’t announced any serious commitment yet.

Charles Pol with his Girlfriend Kelly Charles

Caption:- Charles Pol with his Girlfriend Kelly

Source:- Facebook

Wiki and Biography

Charles Pol is the adopted son of Dr. Pol. The Pol family adopted him and his sister Kathy at birth. He also has another sister Diane who is also an adopted child. Diane was legally taken in by this family at the age of 18 after being a foster child for a decade.

Despite not being their biological parents, The Pols have shown immense love and support for Charles and his siblings. Charles Pol is the youngest child of the Pol Family. He is aged 38 years.

Charles Pol is youngest son of Pol Family

Caption:- Charles Pol is the youngest son of Pol Family.


He rose to fame after appearing in his family’s reality show as part of the cast. Later he became a popular actor and producer, he is known for his roles on Calling Dr. Pol, and The Legend of Sherrif Gus Skinner (2014 and 2015 respectively).

Name: Charles Pol
Place of Birth Central Michigan
Age 38 years
Birthdate 1979
Occupation Producer and actor
Net worth $ 1 Million
Girlfriend Kelly

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7 thoughts on “Charles Pol Wiki-Bio: Girlfriend Kelly, Net Worth, Age.”

  1. I love this show! I actually found this show flipping channels one night–and now I’m hooked. I live on 46-Saginaw county so, it was interesting to know Diane is from Mayville. Also, when they talk about visiting places like Frankenmuth, Bay City etc. I can relate. Dr. pol and his whole office are very caring animal lovers. Thank you all for your service–Lynn Baker

  2. We love the Dr. Pol TV show. I am delighted to know he is close to my age. that they live close to Mt. Pleasant where I grew up. I now live in Arizona and it is wonderful to watch the show and see the area of my childhood. Big barns and lots of green and white.

    Thanks, Jerri

  3. Latishua R Collins

    I love the dr pol whole family and the show dr.pol and diane are such humble people.bit i always wondered since i been watching the show for many yrs i never ever saw one black person on the show ever just wondering why??????

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