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Charles Pol married to Girlfriend Kelly pol? Or did they break up? 2022

Charles Pol with girldfriend Kelly pol

“Like Father like son” is an expression that we often hear but only seldom do we get to experience it in such a perfect way as we do when we see the father and son duo of Jan Pol and Charles Pol.

You might easily recognize Jan Pol and his son Charles from their show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’.

He was just a kid back during the show, and it looked like he will follow right in his father’s footsteps so what happened? Is he a married man? What is he doing now and does he have a girlfriend? Let’s check it out.

Did Charles Pol get married?

Charles Pol frequently appeared on his father’s show since he was just five years old. He occasionally went on to follow his path in his career.

We know a little about his career but next to nothing about his personal life. So are the rumors about him getting married true? Well, we are not sure ourselves, but things are tingling between him and his longtime girlfriend, Kelly.

Dr. Jan Pol even shared a picture of him and his girlfriend in 2012. It was a picture suggested by the liking of Charles’s sister, Diane Jr. and they appear to be at a Halloween party dressed up in matching costumes of a German Bavarian Beer guy and a German girl.

They seem to be very compatible, so it is possible that he decided to take his girlfriend to be his lawfully wedded wife.

Charles Pol with his Girlfriend Kelly Charles

Caption:- Charles Pol with his Girlfriend, Kelly Pol

Did He Break Up with girlfriend Kelly?

While his fans would love nothing more than to hear that the two have been happily married, we haven’t really heard from the couple at all. On one hand it could mean that the things are getting serious, but on the other hand, it could also spell for trouble.

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We fear that the long time no news from the couple could mean a possible break-up. After all, we have failed to find any news or pictures about the couple after the picture shared above by Dr. Pol. We hope that Charles keeps the relationship with his girlfriend intact.


Charles Pol has had a hell of a career. Although you have seen him as his veterinary father’s assistant in the show since he was 5 years old, Charles grew up to follow his own career and education.

He attended Chippewa High School and graduated from University of Miami in Florida in 2003. Charles moved to Los Angeles the same year and interned for the late Academy award-winning actor, director, and producer Sammy Pollack. This man is also a black belt in Karate.

He used to be a producer for his dad’s show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol‘ and ‘Calling Dr. Pol‘. He also has credits for the project ‘The Legend of Sheriff Gus Skinner.’

Hey fans! Charles will be tweeting live during tonight's episode at 9pm ET. Don't miss it: #DrPol

Posted by Dr. Pol on Saturday, August 22, 2015

Wiki-Bio on Charles Pol

Charles Pol was born in 1979 and is 38 years old of age. He was adopted at birth by his adoptive parents Dr. Jan Pol and mother Diane Pol. He was born in Central Michigan and currently works as an actor and producer.

He graduated high school from Chippewa High School where he is known for being the watermelon eating champion of 1998 and the coach of the football team from 1998 to 2001. He likes to write and even considers himself a decent writer.

6 thoughts on “Charles Pol married to Girlfriend Kelly pol? Or did they break up? 2022”

  1. With these so called really stars being so wealthy why do they all pretend to be just normal people who are continually having to search for food to get them through the winter or they will all die of starvation. Fact is they and do could eat much better than most people do and they do not have to live of the land it is only to put more money in their alread rich pockets.Why doesn’t Dr.Pols incredible Son Charles get a real job instead of hanging on to Daddy’s coatails? He is not a Vet but tags along his Father in every episode .

    1. Maybe you should worry about yourself. I’m pretty sure the Pol family has successfully run their business for a long, long time without your help.

    2. If you had watched from the beginning, Charles brought the idea for the show to his father and he produces the show. He also has a full career in Los Angeles and only helps his dad when he is home. Since he produces the show, he has to be there for the show to happen. So implying that Charles is a lazy hanging on spoiled son are unfounded!!!

  2. Last I saw on Dr Pol Charles has a new girlfriend, and very much in love, he’s known her since they were little kids, wishing Charles the best

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  4. Hi
    Love your show Don’t know if you will answer this but I have a question about my 11 year old Golden Retriever She has many large lumps on her body Had 1 checked and the vet said is was a fat lump Should I worry about the rest and could this become cancer Any chance of buying a t-shirt with Dr. Pol on it Love you Diane
    Thank you p.s. I am 72 young
    Brenda Thompson
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    -24 today with the windchill of -42 Celcius

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