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Charles Esten Net Worth. Meet his Wife Patty Hanson 2022

Charles Esten Puskar III is a famous American singer, comedian, and actor. Charles was born on the 9th of September 1965. The extensive career of the marvelous, entertaining person in the music industry and also as an actor has provided the multi-talented professional in the entertainment industry a whopping net worth. Charles is widely famous for his role as Deacon Claybourne, the country singer in the drama Nashville. Nashville featured on CMT/American Broadcasting Company. Charles Esten is from Pennsylvania, and he is regarded as one of the hard-working actors in the television industry. Other than being a great TV-Actor, Charles Esten is also a very endearing father to his children and a passionate husband to his wife, Patty Hanson.

Charles Esten: Net Worth.

In the year, 1992, the curators of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Came to Charles Esten and asked him to take an audition to future one episode. Charles Esten successfully nailed his audition, and he was immediately debuted in the show on Channel 4 and won the episode. Nevertheless, he also made a final appearance in the UK edition of the show in the year 1994 and moved back to the US. After that, he went on to feature in 41 episodes of the US edition of Whose Line Is It Anyway? In the year 1999. This also gave a brand new look to the show

Because of his excellent singing ability, he was often paired with Wayne Brady on the musical games of the show.

Nevertheless, Charles Esten did not make a return to the show in the year 2013 when the show was revived for the final time. Charles Esten’s Net Worth has been hiked by 45% over the last few years. The estimated net worth of Charles Esten is $5 Million. And he earns $750,000 annually from TV shows, comedy shows, and singing gigs. 

Car and Property.

By the looks of it, Charles Esten has bought an all-new luxury car from Ford for a hefty price tag of USD 90,000. As far as the car collection of Charles Esten is concerned, it is relatively small. Other than a luxury car from Ford, Charles Esten also owns a Range Rover. Charles Esten also has a house which cost around $1 Million.

Image of Singer, Charles Esten net worth is $5 million
Singer, Charles Esten net worth is $5 million


From the year 2012 to 2018 Charles Esten was an integral part of the cast of the show. Charles Esten also made his contribution to the show as a singer and also songwriter. The actor also co-wrote an episode with Deanna Carter, “I Know How to Love You Now,” the episode feature as the premiere episode of season 3.

Image of Singer, Charles Esten
Singer, Charles Esten


Charles Esten is the national chairman of the fundraiser that benefits an LLS, “The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The name of the fundraiser of the Light the Night Walks is Charles Esten who chose to be a part of the LLS because his daughter is one of the survivors of Leukemia in the whole world.

It is predicted that Charles Esten’s Net Worth will grow at a steady 80% in due course of time.

Charles Esten’s Wife, Patty Hanson.

Charles Esten married Patty Hanson in the year 1991. After the marriage, Patty took on the birth surname of Charles, Puskar. The couple is blessed with two daughters.

After the wedding, Charles Esten revealed that he doesn’t use his birth surname to make his name sound professional. In the marriage which has lasted for more than 23 years, the husband and wife did go through “in sickness and health.”

Image of Charles Esten with his wife Patty Hanson
Charles Esten with his wife, Patty Hanson

Patty Hanson Wiki-Bio.

There aren’t a lot of details regarding the professional life of Patty Hanson; nevertheless, she has a credit in the movie Tin Cup. Patty Hanson is featured in the film as an assistant to Kevin Costner. According to the critical media outlets, Patty has had the back of Charles Esten even since she said: “I do.”

Charles Esten’s wife Patty Hanson comes from a military family. This meant that her family moved a lot when she was young. She met Chip on campus at William & Mary.

Chip and Patty were both attracted to each other, and at the same time, they were also intrigued by each other’s existence.

Patty Hanson revealed that during those days, Charles was busy playing rhythm guitar in N’’ est Pas. And after Patty broke up with Chip, she went to witness N’est Pas who were

Image of Charles Esten with his wife Patty Hanson and with their kids
Charles Esten with his wife Patty Hanson and with their kids

playing for the fundraiser at a campus. Charles Esten then spotted her and dedicated a song to her ‘Romeo and Juliet’ by the Artist Dire Straits.

Charles Esten Wiki-Bio.

Charles Esten’s hometown is Pennsylvania. However, he moved to Virginia after his parents divorced. The comedian was only nine at the time. He was born to Charles Puskat and Cynthia Puskar. He also has a younger sister Cathy Puskar. Her family is a mystery. According to the source, Charles Esten is an American.

Age 56 (September 9, 1965)
Net worth $5 million
Spouse Patty Hanson Southhall (wife)
Kids 2
Occupation Comedian, Singer, and Actor.
Parents James Puskar (Father)

Cynthia Puskar (Mother)

Nationality American
Ethnicity American


Charles Esten is happily married to his wife Patty Hanson, and they lead a blessed life with their two daughters. Charles Esten is a successful entertainer which allowed him to have a net worth of $5 million.

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