Charles Barkley Net worth in 2018. His House, Cars, Lifestyle.

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Meet Wild Charles Barkley, at least that’s what the casinos used to call him when he had a gambling problem. He is currently a sports commentator after retirement from the National Basketball Association. The athlete made his run as one of the greatest NBA players of all time. He made quite a fortune off of it too. We’re here to find out Charles Barkley’s Net Worth in 2018 (ie. just how much he earned from his glory days) as well as his age, height, family, kids and so much more.

Charles Barkley Net worth In 2018 is $50 Million.

Tabloids, Magazines and other informative sources put Charles Barkley’s net worth at a whopping $50 million. The seasons have come and gone, but his annual salary has remained in the million-dollar category. We’re not just talking about the four seasons of the year but basketball seasons.

His most successful year was 1999 where he earned a salary of $9 million. The other years were just as high. The basketball player had 16 years in the game that has culminated into quite a legacy. He hung up his cape and is currently a sports analyst on the show, Inside the NBA.

Image of Charles Barkley net worth is $50 million

Charles Barkley net worth is $50 million

Part of his net worth is attributed to his brand endorsement deals during his time in the game. He was the face of huge companies such as T-Mobile and McDonald’s that paid him quite handsomely for his services. Moreover, his net worth is also calculated from the gold medals he earned at the US Olympics which cost a fortune.

House, Cars and Rich Lifestyle

When you’ve got lots of money, you’ll blow it on all the luxuries it can buy. The versatile basketball player owns a Mansion in Scottsdale, Arizona that cost him $2.2 million. He was a resident in the state of Alabama before his move to Scottsdale.

The athlete drives cars fit for an athlete. These include the Lincoln Navigator and other brands such as a Bentley. As mentioned earlier, he had a bit of a gambling issue where he once blew $2.5 million in six hours at a casino playing blackjack.

The career that gave Charles Barkley $50 Million Net Worth.

The former athlete has an outstanding job as documented through his Wikipedia page. He even tried out politics during his time. However, before all that, he started in Leeds Alabama where he grew up with a passion for the sports.

His active years date as far back as in 1984 and go all the way up to 2000. Barkley’s sports career began at Auburn University where he played for three seasons. His professional career started at the Philadelphia 76ers who picked him fifth in the 1984 NBA season draft.

With such bright prospects, the athlete didn’t let the team down and became one of the players in history to score over 20 thousand points during their lifetime. Part of his retirement plan was involved in politics where he served as Republican for several years.

His fame and career landed him several features in video games such as Barkley Shut Up and Jam as well as the renown NBA 2K franchise. He became the spokesman for WeightWatchers since he had a problem with his weight back in college.

Family, Kids

The sports athlete knows how to maintain a family. As such, he got rewarded by the support of his wife, Maureen Blumhardt.

Image of Charles Barkley with his wife Maureen Blumhardt.

Charles Barkley with his wife Maureen Blumhardt.

His undying love for her got backed up when he married her in 1989. Their union grew stronger each year with the epitome of the love culminating into their only daughter, Christiana Barkley. She was born in 1989 and is currently 29 years old. Not much is known about her other than that she comes from a loving home as there have been no divorce and separation rumors from her parents.

Wiki-Bio, Age

Name Charles Barkley
Age 55
Date of Birth February 20th, 1963
Place of Birth Alabama
Profession Former basketball player
Net worth $50 million
Spouse Maureen Blumhardt
Kids Christiana
Height 6 feet 6 inches

The athlete was born to his parents Frank and Charcey Glenn on February 20th, 1963 in Alabama. His star sign is that of Pisces and stands at a massive height of 6.6 feet with a weight of 114kgs. Charles attended Leeds High School where he played basketball. One of Auburn University’s scouts spotted him and recruited him for college as he majored in Business Management. Who knew it would end up as his defining career?


Charles Barkley is a retired NBA player. His daughter is all grown up and mostly fends for herself nowadays. The sports analyst lives with his wife in their mansion of a house enjoying his retirement age and enjoying his life’s work in the form of net worth.

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