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Chandie Yawn-Nelson Wiki-Bio, Net worth, Facts, Age, Facts about Joey Lawrence’s wife 2022

Image of Chandie Yawn-Nelson Wiki-Bio, Net worth, Facts, Age, Facts about Joey Lawrence’s wife.

We all know Joey Lawrence as the charismatic lad from Blossom’s show Gimme A Break! And Brotherly Love. But did you also know he has been a father of two kids for almost a decade and a half now? Meet Chandie Yawn-Nelson, his vibrant and elegant wife who’s always been elusive to the public as far as the media is concerned.

Here are some interesting facts about her, such as net worth, age, marriage, and career, that we thought was worth checking out.

Chandie Yawn-Nelson is Joey Lawrence’s wife. Know their married life and kids.

Disney World is a magical place full of wonder and joy. It’s also where Joey and Chandie met many moons ago in 1993 as teenagers. Their paths crossed when they were both on vacation and having fun. But certainly not too much fun as the famous actor opted for an ice cream date instead.

It must have been the creamy deliciousness of the ice cream or the magic of Disney land, as the memory didn’t fade for either of them even after their departure. Joey Lawrence later became a Hollywood celebrity and married a woman named Michelle Vella in 2002.

Image of Chandie Yawn-Nelson with her husband Joey Lawrence and their kids

Chandie Yawn-Nelson with her husband Joey Lawrence and their kids

However, fate wouldn’t have it, and their marriage led to an abrupt divorce in 2004. It turns out that the universe was out to set him up with his first love. The TV star reunited with Chandie in 2005 after 13 years of no contact with both parties in mutual consent that their love was meant to be.

Six months later, they were back when it all began and recited their marriage vowed on June 3rd, 2005. Their union brought forth their first kid, Charleston Lawrence, born in 2006, and their second child, Liberty Grace, joined the family in 2010.

It’s been more than a decade now, with their marriage growing more vital than ever. There have been no rumors on separation surrounding Joey Lawrence and wife Chandie Yawn-Nelson’s marriage as they are in total commitment to each other.

Chandie Yawn-Nelson net worth, Career info

We all know how Joey became a beloved television actor but what became his wife? Both parties worked on their careers during the 13 years of no contact. Now that their fairy-tale origin story is over and done with, it’s time to talk money.

Straight out of college, Chandie Yawn-Nelson seized the first opportunity she came across. InterCall, one of the largest dedicated service providers globally, known chiefly for teleconferencing, served her first job. The specifics of what her job description entailed is knowledge on privy to her.

If you thought her marriage to the actor would help shed light on her career, then you couldn’t be any more wrong. It only fueled the need to keep her job even more private than before. That said, Joey Lawrence Chandie Yawn-Nelson’s net worth figure is $6 million.

There are no solid leads as to her assets or her current job. Moreover, we cannot tell whether his contract with InterCall is still active. On the other hand, her husband, Joey, has a net worth of $6 million which they both share.

Chandie Yawn-Nelson Wiki-Bio, Age, Facts, Family, Parents.

Full name Chandie Yawn-Nelson
Age 46
Date of Birth Undisclosed
Place of Birth The United States of America
Profession Affiliated with InterCall
Net worth $6 Million
Husband Joey Lawrence
Kids 2
Height Undisclosed
Weight Unknown
Zodiac Sign Undisclosed

The mother of two’s Chandie Yawn-Nelson age is somewhere in her early 40’s. The exact details of her date of birth may be unknown, but credible sources dictate that she’ll probably turn 43 sometime this year. They also reveal that her Nationality is American by birth, with her ethnicity as white. Upon graduation from her local high school, she enrolled and completed her tertiary education at Auburn University in Alabama.

As you may have already guessed, much of Chandie Yawn-Nelson’s private life. Take her family and parents, for instance. There is nothing substantial on them besides that they live either in Florida or Georgia. Moreover, she has social media handles making it impossible to keep her track. The only time you’ll get to see her is in the arms of Joey, mostly at red carpet events.


Any leads on Chandie Yawn-Nelson’s net worth, age, date of birth, and current career would be highly appreciated. We’ll update the page as soon as something turns up.

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