Caroline Boyer Wikipedia-Bio, Age: 10 facts about Luke Bryan Wife

Caroline Boyer is the wife of the famous Platinum country singer and songwriter Luke Bryan. She usually shies away from media attention but sometimes has accompanied her husband to various media events. The couple attended the red carpet and award shows of ‘ACM Awards’ and ‘CMT Music Awards’ together. Luke is famous for his two platinum-certified albums- Crash My Party’ and ‘Tailgates and Tanlines.’ Bryan’s ‘Sorority Girl’ song released in 2009 which gave a hint about their budding relationship during college. He also dedicated ‘Moon and Back’ from his album ‘Kill the Lights’ to his wife in 2015. Caroline featured in the music video of Bryan’s ‘Crash My Party’ in 2013. Have a look at Caroline Boyer’s Wikipedia type bio.

Luke Bryan’s Wife, Caroline Boyer Career

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline Boyer was an immense talent child in school. She aced her academics and was also good at acting and music. She gave several stage performances in college and received praises. Her teachers often pushed her to pursue a career in acting or music, but she decided against it. She did not wish to have a career in entertainment and went ahead with academics.

She completed her master’s degree from a recognized university. She married her boyfriend Luke Bryan in 2006 and soon came to limelight. She publicly appeared along with her husband at various events and set an example of a rock solid marriage. Since then she has remained as a favorite to a lot of Bryan’s fans.

Luke Bryan's Wife Caroline Boyer

Caroline Boyer and Luke Bryan’s Ultimate Love Story

Caroline Boyer and her husband Luke Bryan had seen both ups and downs in their relationship. Irrespective of tragedies, they have stuck to one another like a rock. Their romance is an example of how perfect a relationship can be. They met each other, stayed away from each other for 5 and a half years. Yet, life had other plans, and they met again and started dating.

Boyer and Bryan first met at a little bar named Dingus Magee in Statesboro, Georgia. They were both in college, and it was love at first sight for Bryan. Bryan fell in love as he says Boyer’s blue eyes and decided to make her a part of his life. It was in 1998, both of them started to date but eventually broke off.

They lost contact with each other for around five and a half years. Bryan was three years elder to Caroline and during college, he left for Nashville to settle his career. Caroline Boyer, on the other hand, completed her graduation. After her completion, fate made them meet again as they were in the same town.

Luke was playing at a small bar in Statesboro where he met Caroline again. They both noticed each other and talked for a while. After leaving the back, he reports that they were mailing each other continuously. That is when Caroline invited Luke for the Christmas party at her place. After that, they got on the track again and started dating each other. Since then, there is no looking back. The couple is still going strong in spite of Luke’s huge career pressure.

While talking about their romance, Caroline reported to a leading magazine how shy Luke is. She said that Luke is a straight up gentleman and he was very nervous to make any move. So, Caroline had to take all the efforts to kick-start their romance. Even she was the first person to kiss him. Luke was always very apprehensive about making a woman uncomfortable, and therefore, he never crossed a line. However, it took Luke only 8 seconds to realize that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Caroline. Caroline, on the flip side, took eight years to seal the deal.

Before proposing, Luke drank a lot to wipe off his nervousness and appear confident enough. He had to remind himself who was he going to propose and how he should talk without making it awkward. When he finally proposed, he did a fair job. He was quite charming and all calm in his demeanor. He blindfolded Caroline after their dinner date and took her to Nashville Parthenon as a surprise. Bryan told her he is taking her to check out one of his house. When Caroline removed her blindfold, Luke was on his knee.

Luke Bryan and his Caroline Boyer

Luke and Caroline got married on December 8, 2006. They married in Turks & Caicos and spent their honeymoon in the Colorado Mountains. In 2016, Bryan gave Caroline an engagement ring to commemorate their 10th anniversary.

They both have two sons- Thomas and Tatum. Luke lost his sister after his first performance in 2007 at the Grand Ole Opry. He also lost his brother-in-law in 2014. Therefore, the couple adopted his two nieces, Jordan and Kris and one nephew, Til.

Both of them agrees to the fact that their relationship also faces hardships like any other relationship. They have their bad days as well. They do fight and figure it out together. At the end of the day, they know they are all that they have.

Caroline and Luke both enjoy this crazy ride together and wants their children to look up to them. They want their children to realize their parents have a happy marriage and that is how relationships should be.

Best Christmas Gift by Caroline Boyer which made Luke Bryan Cry

Luke Bryan was only 19 years old when he lost his elder brother Chris who was 26. Luke lost Chris in a car accident who was driving his pickup truck. The accident occurred in Louisiana, and the truck could not be derived.

Caroline and Luke’s father Tommy went to Louisiana and tracked the truck down. Both of them drove it all the way to Nashville to surprise Luke on Christmas. Luke saw the pickup truck and could not control his tears from flowing. He said it was the best Christmas gift he has ever received.

Luke currently uses that truck to hunt turkeys. He also stores all his hunting gears in that truck. When he pulls up his brother’s truck, his children know they are going for turkey hunting.

Ten facts about Luke Bryan’s Wife: Caroline Boyer

The Country Singer-songwriter Luke Bryan has been married to his wife Caroline Boyer for over 11 years now. There are some interesting facts about Caroline that can leave people to splits.

  1. Caroline Boyer kissed Luke first because Luke is shy and hates making a woman feel uncomfortable. So, she had to make the first move.
  2. Caroline has tattooed the first initial of her husband’s name ‘L’ on her ring finger.
  3. Luke also has tattooed her wife’s initials in a place which is only visible to Caroline. That place is his bottom!
  4. Irrespective of Luke’s hectic schedule, the couple enjoys their coffee date every morning. For about 30 minutes, they spend time with each other to chat and reconnect.
  5. Before going to bed, Caroline enjoys a good foot massage every day given by Luke.
  6. She claims that Luke is the messiest of all the boys. His little kids Thomas and Tatum are better than him. He keeps the house unclean.
  7. Luke is extremely fascinated by fishing and spends a lot on its equipment. Caroline does not care to know how much her husband spends on that.
  8. Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline Boyer did a fun photoshoot with her friends and ruined a wedding gown with barbecue sauce. She played the game ‘Trash the Dress.’ However, it was not her actual wedding gown.
  9. The college lovebirds broke up with each other for over 5 and a half years. They reconnected only when Caroline invited Luke for a Christmas party.
  10. Caroline does not accompany her husband to deer stands. But definitely, you can find them chilling on a boat!

You can also find Caroline featuring in her husband’s ‘Crash My Party’ music video.

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline Boyer’s Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Luke Bryan gifted Caroline Boyer baby kangaroos

It was Christmas, 2017 when the country star decided to surprise his wife uniquely. He blindfolded Caroline and told her he got two designer purses for her in this Christmas. He handed a pair of bags which contained two baby kangaroos. Caroline was stunned by the unique gift she received for Christmas.

Caroline Boyer Wikipedia Bio, Age

Caroline Boyer’s Wikipedia bio states she was born on December 31, 1979, in Georgia, USA. She is a Capricorn and is also a vegetarian. Born to Raymond and Yvonne Boyer, this 38 years old star loves to cook Italian dishes. She is an extremely health conscious person and prefers fitness over anything else.

Her father was a social specialist and her mother, an operator in an insurance firm. She has a brother named Bo Boyer. She completed her graduation from Georgia Southern University. She planned to pursue economics as her major, but eventually dropped out. She was a member of the ‘Alpha Delta Pi’ sorority club in her college.

music singer and songwriter Luke Bryan's wife Caroline Boyer

She enjoys a lot with her kids, and they often go out for hunting, fishing and other adventurous outings. Luke Bryan’s wife is pretty active on social media and keeps posting about her life. She used to smoke and drink previously but now left everything completely.

Birth Name Caroline C. Boyer
Birthday December 31, 1979
Age 38 years
Born In Georgia, USA
Height 1.63 M
Spouse Luke Bryan (Married since 2006)

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