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Capt Katie Higgins Wiki-Bio, Know her Husband, Kids and Net Worth. 2022

Captain Katie Higgins

Captain Katie Higgins is the first woman pilot in the American Airforce. She is the first woman pilot for the Blue Angels. The Blue Angels is a navy flight operations that are meant for demonstrations in the United States of America, and the main flight operators are from the navy and the marines.  Katie Higgins is a captain in the Blue Angels unit which has been dominated by men for a long time, but eventually, she has made it.

Katie Higgins is married woman. Meet her husband.

Captain Katie Higgins is married. She is married to Ian Higgins. He is a naval graduate having graduated from the American pilot academy, and he is also a certified pilot who flies military planes and copters.


Captain Katie Higgins with his husband Ian Higgins has two kids. Though little is known of their children, we can just confidently report that the Higgins have two children but the ages and gender we have not been able to establish.

Captain Katie Higgins with her husband Ian Higgins

Caption:- Captain Katie Higgins with her husband, Ian Higgins

Source:- Instagram 

According to the interview with Risen magazine, Captain Katie Higgins acknowledges that she was, together with her navy pilot husband were taking care of their two children. Though it is not clear as to when the first blue navy woman pilot got her children, the truth of the matter is that she has two kids.

Net worth

Captain Katie Higgins net worth is approximated to be about $400,000. She has accumulated most of her money from working as a naval pilot. She joined the naval military academy a young girl and had risen in ranks over time.

Most of her cash is, therefore, the salary she has been able to accumulate in her service to the nation as a pilot. Her daily salary and allowances are her constant source of income. She has risen in ranks since her joining the forces and this also come with an increase in salary.

Captain Katie Higgins net worth is $400,000

Caption:- Captain Katie Higgins net worth is $400,000

Career and Profession

Captain Katie Higgins must have been catapulted to be a military pilot because she comes from the family of military men. Her father and her grandfather were both military pilots, and therefore  Katie wanted to take after her family’s mantle.

Her career in the military started when she was just a kid. At the age of eight, she could watch military planes as they lived near a military base and thus fascinated her that she developed an interest in flying. She enrolled in a naval academy where she was trained to be a military pilot, and she perfected so much that she has been recognized globally. She is the first woman to join the Naval Blue Angels designated for military shows.

She was trained to fly C-130S a military plane that is designed for the transport of cargo to war-torn areas, and she has flown to areas affected by war and skirmishes like Afghanistan and was also operational in Uganda was she was evacuating United States citizens from South Sudan. Her joining the naval Blue Angeles has earned respect and recognition.

Her Wiki Bio

Katie Higgins was born to a military family. Her father was a military pilot, and her two grandfathers had also served in the military. It has widely been reported that Katie Higgins wanted to become a nun but changed her mind. She joined the naval academy where she was trained to become a military pilot and excelled. Kate Higgins is the first woman to join the Blue Angeles on the planet.

Captain Katie Higgins has been on various successful missions and has flown to tragic countries including  Afghanistan and South Sudan. She is married to a fellow naval pilot Ian Higgins, and the couple has two children.

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