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Brit Hume Married Life With Wife Kim Hume, A mother of 2 kids. Any Chances of Divorce? (2022)

Brit Hume married his wife Kim Hume

Kim Hume is the wife of Brit Hume. Both of them are in the field of journalism. They got married in 1993. It was a big step for Kim as Brit Hume was divorced from Clare Jacobs Stoner and this was his second marriage. She is a very religious lady as she has read the Bible six times till now.  There have been many rumors related to the marriage life of this couple but both are living a happy life. Kim left the Fox News Channel in 2006. There were many speculations regarding her leaving the network at such a stage but she denied all of them.  Also, there had been some rumors on social media about her filing divorce with husband Brit Humes. But later it turned out to be some media stunt as the couple denied any chances of a split. She said that she wanted to spend her time with the family and lead a happy life.

Married Life with Brit Hume. Divorce?

Kim and Brit married in 1993. It was the second marriage of Brit Hume, the first one was with Clare Jacobs Stoner. Brit had divorced from her first wife. However, it was not a big issue for Kim and they are living a happy married life right now.

Beautiful couple Kim Hume and Brit Hume

Caption: Brit Hume with his wife Kim Hume

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There have been many rumors related to their marriage. One of them is that the couple got divorced due to some reasons. This rumor was a fake one and everyone soon discarded it. There were also rumors about the affair of Brit Hume and Megyn Kelly. Megyn Kelly is a senior journalist and political commentator of American television.

It is because of this rumor, People and Fans believed that Kim had nearly filed for divorce but it was also a rumor. She stopped the media stunts of spreading the fake news about the couple’s marriage by saying, “Every husband and wife have some trouble in the relationship, but that’s not the end of everything”.stoppedow, the couple is leading a happy life together without any sign of divorce.

Family, kids.

Kim Hume is the wife of senior political commentator and journalist, Brit Hume. She and Brit got married in 1993. This beautiful has two children namely, Virginia and Louis. Kim also has a stepchild from the previous marriage of her husband. His name is Sandy but he committed suicide in 1998. The reasons for his suicide are still unknown and are a secret. He was a reporter for The Hills, which is a newspaper. For the late Sandy Hume, Sandy Hume Memorial Award for Perfection in Political Media was started in his confidence.

Kim Hume’s Career and Profession.

Kim was serious about her career from the beginning. She entered the journalism industry early. She became the vice-president and also she got an opportunity to serve as a former Washington bureau of Fox News. This shows how much hard work she must have done to reach that level. Her husband, Brit Hume runs on the same network as a senior political investigator and commentator. Both kKim and Brit have worked hard for the channel throughout the years. The couple fixed up the Bureau in 1996 and attended to become a chief cable of the bureau. However, in 2006, Kim resigned from her post on Fox News to focus on her family.

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