Bridget Moynahan Husband Andrew Frankel Net Worth, Wikipedia Bio.

Image of Bridget Moynahan Husband Andrew Frankel Net Worth, Wikipedia Bio.

Meet Andrew Frankel, Bridget Moynahan husband, and lifelong partner. What’s characteristic about them is their second attempt at marriage. However, if you strip them away from each other, you’ll still get Bridget with her acting and modeling career whereas Andrew falls in Business Management. They are both rich, make a lot of money which ultimately reflects well on their net worth. So what is it that he does? Andrew Frankel’s Wikipedia page doesn’t exist yet so let’s find out.

Who is Andrew Frankel? His career info.

Bridget Moynahan’ husband is best known as a business mogul, investor, and strategic manager. He is also a man of many talents and has excelled at several different work niches. His first job was at the age of 16 in partnership with his cousin to produce the Alien Space Avenger Comic.

His father, Stuart Frankel was the founding father and President of the Stoke Brokerage firm, Stuart Frankel & Co. Inc. When his son came of age, he became its co-founder up to his dad’s retirement when he completely took over. Up to this date, the company is still as reputable, and his father couldn’t be any prouder.

Bridget Moynahan’s husband Andrew Frankel also did a bit of self-exploring while trying to figure out what works for him before settling into business.  He worked under Brand Management for Hasbro Toys and later became an assistant for the Demaine Vickers Advertising Agency.

Moreover, the business mogul engrossed in studio work as a writer, news reporter – a modern day Clark Kent, editor and TelePrompTer. He was also involved in adding production value and the CGI to Transformers, G.I Joe and Dragons: Fire & Ice. Being that close to film also got him roles in movies such as Tomorrow Never Dies, and Godzilla.

Andrew Frankel Net worth.

With all these nichés it is hard to keep track of his fortune and income. Andrew Frankel’s net worth is still under review. Being the CEO of Stuart & Co. Inc. may give him some masked privacy, but that didn’t stop us from digging around.

Most of his income comes from the research and the company’s executions in its business deals worldwide. He knows a profitable investment when he sees one and is also an expert in assets management. This way, he ensures the firm doesn’t accrue any losses.

Image of Businessperson, Andrew Frankel net worth is not available

Businessperson, Andrew Frankel net worth is not available

The businessman also handles cooperate access cases, SWOT and desk analysis as well as the Bloomberg Brokerage capital investment. On the other hand, we do know about Bridget Moynahan’s net worth which stands at $25 million. She makes her money off of acting and modeling.

Bridget Moynahan and Andrew Frankel Are Married. Know about their married life.

Just like any other celebrity couple, the pair has a past. Bridget was married to former NFL Quarterback Tom Brady for three years whereas Andrew was married to another woman whose privacy is to be respected. Moynahan had a son with her ex-husband while her husband had three kids with his former partner.

Image of Andrew Frankel with his wife Bridget Moynahan

Andrew Frankel with his wife, Bridget Moynahan

Before Bridget Moynahan and Andrew Frankel got married, the two were friends and had met during their college days through a mutual friend. However, when both their marriages failed plus a couple of other relationships, they decided on giving it a shot.

For the second time, the duo exchanged marriage vows on October 17th, 2015 at a private ceremony over at the Hamptons, New York. It is still unclear on the living arrangements on the kids that they share, but sources say they are working on it.

Bridget Moynahan Husband Andrew Frankel’s Wikipedia Bio.

Full Name Andrew Frankel
Age 44
Date of Birth August 20th, 1974
Place of Birth Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Profession Businessman
Net worth Under review
Wife Bridget Moynahan
Kids 3
Height 6 feet
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac sign Leo

Frankel was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His actual date of birth is August 20th, 1974 and who better to first greet him than his parents, Stuart and Sharyn. Stuart was an investor and established businessman while Sharyn was and still is a housewife, supportive of her husband and their decisions.

On such choice was raising him as a Christian which molded him into a responsible adult full of goodwill. Speaking of molding, he is of great physique and height of 6 inches, currently at the age of 44.  When it comes to his alma mater, Bridget Moynahan’s husband Andrew Frankel is college graduate and economics degree holder from the University of Pennsylvania in 1994. It is after here that he got the exposure he needed to work in various fields to become the man he is today.

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