Bret Baier Net Worth, Salary, Age. Meet His Wife Amy Baier and Their Sons.

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Image of Bret Baier Net Worth, Salary, Age, Wife, Measurements

Meet the former Fox Network Chief White House and Pentagon correspondent, Bret Baier. Many of you know him for the Hilary Clinton email hacking report he did which he later retracted for lack of evidence. Others know him for Fox segment, Special Report with Bret Baier which lives only one thing – his private life.

Seeing you are already here, let us take you through his life’s journey and talk about Bret Bier Net Worth. Also, More about his wife Amy Baier, wiki-bio and body measurements.

Bret Baier Net worth, salary

It is one thing being a journalist, and another hosting and anchoring live television. The difference is that the latter pays more. Bret Baier’s net worth figure as of 2018 is approximately $16 million whereas his salary each year culminates to $7 million.

Image of Television presenter Bret Baier net worth is $16 million

Television presenter Bret Baier net worth is $16 million

So where does it all come from? Vaguely put, from his career as a news anchor. Diving deeper into it reveals several networks holding his contracts. These included CBS, NBC affiliates and the majority contributor as Fox News Channel.

His paycheques kept coming in as far back as 1998 when he first sent an application seeking employment by the network. His well-structured coverage and interviews of major political stories earned him promotions to anchor the Special Report segment. This meant, better pay and an overall increase Bret Baier net worth. The News anchor also worked as Fox Atlanta’s bureau chief and published a couple of books that became best sellers.

Bret Baier is Married to a Wife Amy Baier. They Have Two Sons Daniel Baier and Paul Francis Baier.

Baier met his wife, Amy Baier through a blind date at a Rolling Stones concert orchestrated by their friends. Being lovers of music, among other things, the pair instantly hit it off. Amy comes from a family of philanthropists with three brothers and her father, Paul Hills the co-founder of Sage Products who spearheads charity campaigns.

Image of Television Presentor Bret Baier with his wife Amy Baier

Television Presenter Bret Baier with his wife Amy Baier

The family lives a quiet life in their $3.2 million Washington DC home after they got married in 2004. Bret Baier and Wife Amy Baier have two healthy Son named Paul and Daniel. However, this was not always the case since his son Paul had congenital disabilities in his heart which needed restructuring.

Image of Television Presentor Bret Baier with his wife Amy Baier and their kids

Television Presenter Bret Baier with his wife Amy Baier and their kids

Barely a day old and he was already battling for his life. The doctors corrected that with three open heart surgeries to restructure and also fix the two holes found there. They also started a campaign to raise awareness of the heart complications in infants and even set up a charity fund.

Age: how old is Bret Baier

The father of two was born on August 4th, 1970 making his current age of 48 years old. If you are a believer of the horoscope, then his Zodiac sign is Leo

Bret Baier Measurements, height, weight

While the most conspicuous feature about Bret is his strong jawline that his kids have also inherited, there was also news about his massive weight loss. Recently, he opened up about getting diagnosed with high cholesterol.

While most people think being rich lets you eat anything, he revealed that it’s not and could have nasty health implications. He went from 245 to 197 pounds in weight after his diet change which was visible in his physique five years ago. His current weight is 172 pounds whereas his height is 5 feet 11 inches.

Image of Television Presentor Bret Baier height is 5 feet 11 inches.

Television Presenter Bret Baier height is 5 feet 11 inches.

Wiki-bio, family, career info.

Full Name William Bret Baier
Age 48
Date of Birth August 4th, 1970
Place of Birth Rumson, New Jersey
Profession News Anchor
Net worth $16 million
Wife Amy Baier
Kids 2
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Eye Color Blue
Weight 197 pounds

Bret’s early life was more defined by his religious upbringing than it is today. Having been born in Rumson, New Jersey to his parents Pat and Bill Baier, he was raised Catholic. He grew up side by side to his brother Tim and as an altar boy. Marist High School and DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana are the institutions from which he received his education.

With a degree in Political Science and English, the newly graduate ventured into Television in Rockford’s local station before moving to WRAL-TV. Fox News gave him a shot after his moving audition tape in 1998 as their Atlanta Bureau chief. Hungry for success, the veteran journalist followed his leads to cover a story about the Pentagon’s attack in 2001 that earned him a significant promotion.

He became the network’s Pentagon correspondent and later trickling into The White House during President George W. Bush administration. At the same time, he co-anchored Friday’s edition of Special Report before finally taking over from Brit Hume in 2009 to have its name changed to Special Report with Bret Baier.


Bret Baier has had only one hiccup in his entire career with the Hilary Clinton coverage. Other than that, his salary and net worth have risen over the years. His wife and kids couldn’t be any prouder of him.

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