Brad Stevens’ Married Life With Wife Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens And 2 Kids.

Brad Stevens

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Bradley Kent Stevens was born October 22nd, 1976 in Zionsville, Indiana. He developed a passion for basketball at an early age, receiving a hoop for his 7th birthday. He became a star basketball player at high school but soon found that despite his love for the game, his skills were modest at best. As such, he attended DePauw University and pursued an academic degree. He’s a hell of a player but that’s not what we are going to tell you about today. We are rather going to reveal his married life with his wife Tracey Wilhelmy stevens. The couple has been married for a long time now and also they have kids together. Stay with us to find more.

Brad Stevens wife Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens

Brad first met his wife, Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens, when they were both studying at DePauw University. She was an avid soccer player and the pair quickly bonded over their mutual love of sports. On their first date, he drove Tracy one and a half hours away for a high school basketball game; the long journey allowed them to get to know each other and they began dating regularly.

The pair graduated in 1999 and in August 2003, they married. The couple is incredibly supportive of each other; when Brad Stevens was offered the volunteer position, Tracy remarked that she spent two hours thinking it over before telling him to go for it. While he was coaching, she was busy obtaining her law degree so that she could support him and their growing family.

After the birth of their daughter, Tracy left her job to raise the children and so that Brad could focus on his coaching full-time.Currently, he still coaches NBA basketball professionally and Tracy works as his manager; Brad Stevens has remarked humorously that he is the only person in the sport that gives his agent “100-percent of his paycheck”.

Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens and her husband Brad Stevens

Caption: Brad Stevens with wife Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens

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Stevens’ Children

Stevens and Tracy have a beautiful family, with two children; their son Brady was born in 2006 and their daughter Kinsley was born in 2009. Stevens has said in interviews that becoming a father is the greatest achievement of his life and that he is incredibly proud of his children. His son Brady is following in his father’s footsteps and has developed a passion for basketball. His daughter Kinsley is not such a fan of the game but enjoys spending time with the children of the players and staff that make up her father’s team. Bradely enjoys the time that they spend together as a family, stating that their time is always spent filled with lots of different activities to keep the children busy and entertained.

Happy family of Brad Stevens with his son, daughter and wife

Caption: Brad Stevens with his son, daughter and wife Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens


Short Bio

In the summer of 2000, Brad was offered a volunteer position in the Butler basketball office, which began his career in professional basketball. In 2007, he was named Head Coach of Butler, remaining there until 2013, when he was offered the position of Head Coach for the Boston Celtics. In signing with the NBA team, he cemented himself as a young talent in the world of professional basketball.

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