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Bob Barker Net Worth 2018. Age, Wife Dorothy Jo Gideon. 2022

Image of Bob Barker Net Worth. Age, Wife Dorothy Jo Gideon.

Everyone has heard of Bob Barker, a famous host of the game show, The Price is Right.

It has been running for decades in North America and is probably one of the longest-running game shows on the planet.

The host’s name gets used in a lot of pop culture references, and if you’re still not familiar with him, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s talk about Bob Barker’s net worth in 2018, age, and his married life with his wife Dorothy Jo Gideon.

Bob Barker Net Worth & Salary. (2022)

With the legacy he built up over the years, you should already expect his net worth to be just as high. That said, Bob Barker has amassed a massive net worth of $70 million.

His active years of in-game hosting began in the 50s with interactions with contestants from all over the globe.

Credible sources have confirmed that the TV star earns an annual salary of $10 million.

Moreover, he also had a career in radio broadcasting that also contributed to his fortune. It was in the period before he broke into the world of television.

He also worked as an Executive Producer on several pricing games before his retirement.

Image of Bob Barker net worth is $70 million

Bob Barker net worth is $70 million

The game show host is also philanthropic. He established his own company called the Bob Barker Foundation in 1972 which is a non-profit organization.

It mostly sees to the physical needs of criminals serving their sentences behind bars

Career details That Gave Bob Barker a $70 Million Net Worth.

It is important to note that his career was interrupted by World War II. He was right in the middle of college at Drury in Springfield studying economics when he got enlisted to fight as a pilot in the US Navy.

While studying, he worked part-time at KTTS-FM radio.

He later moved to Florida only to land a job at his show called The Bob Barker Show in Burbank.

His career shot up when he hosted the show Truth or Consequences in 1956.

At the same time, he entertained other shows like The Family Game, Simon Says, End of the Rainbow, That’s My Line, and The Price Is Right in 1972.

The TV sensation has also had a fantastic run in film and television. These include Bonanza, Futurama, The Lesser of Two Evils and Family Guy.

His role in Hollywood has earned him 19 Emmy Awards as well as getting enlisted in the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame.

Meet his wife, Dorothy Jo Gideon.

Love back in the day is not as it is today. Nowadays people get married, divorce and remarry again

. The 19-time Emmy Award winner Bob Barker met the love of his life, his wife Dorothy Jo Gideon when he was still in High school.

In an interview, he recalls his first date with her at age 15 when he took her to a concert in Missouri.

Their love even defied authority when he took a leave from the US Navy to elope with her in 1945.

It was 36 years of bliss and joy until October 19th, 1981 when death took her from him. Bob Barker’s wife Dorothy Jo Gideon died of lung cancer.

Image of Bob Barker with his wife Dorothy Jo Gideon

Bob Barker with his wife Dorothy Jo Gideon

The couple shared many memories as well as the passion for animal’s rights. While Dorothy was alive, she lived as a vegan and pretty soon rubbed off onto him as well.

He took up the mantle after she was gone and became an Animal Rights Activist.

Back to his love life, the TV host never remarried. Instead, he got romantically linked with the model, Dian Parkinson for three years.

Their affair took a wrong turn when she accused him of sexual harassment.  She later dropped the case sighting stress and health-related issues.


Barker and his wife Dorothy Jo Gideon also nicknamed as D.J never had any kids of their own.

Since he never remarried, he doesn’t have any kids born out of wedlock. Talk about staying true, even in death!

How old is Bob Barker? Know his age.

Robert William Barker (Bob Barker) was born on December 12th, 1923 and is currently 94 years old. His star sign is Sagittarius.

Wiki-bio, Facts   

Name Robert William Barker
Age 98
Date of Birth December 12th, 1923
Place of Birth Darrington
Profession TV personality and Game show host
Net worth $70 million
wife Dorothy Jo Gideon (Deceased)
Kids None
Height 1.85m

His father, Byron John was a foreman of the high electrical line in Washington.

He died after sustaining head injuries from a fall. His mother, Matilda Kent was a teacher who later remarried and had another son named Valandra Kent

Robert went to Central High School where he graduated and received a basketball scholarship to take him to college. The rest is history from there.


It’s sad that Bob Barker lost his wife in 1981 when they were at the peak of their marriage.

It is even more unfortunate that they didn’t have kids of their own.

Nevertheless, he has his millions worth of net worth to cheer him up.

We pray for long life for him, even in his old age.

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