Björn Borgs Net Worth (2018). Meet His Wife Patricia Ostfeldt.

Borgs is a force to reckon with when it comes to the world of Athletes and business. This article shares some interesting insights about his life, his net worth, salary, and how he manages to put food on his table.

Björn Borg’s net worth:

Businessman’s net worth comes from his successful athletic career, endorsements, as well as investments. According to reliable sources, Björn Borg’s net worth stands at $30 million dollars.

Earnings: how much does he make and how does he make his money?

Borgs no longer plays tennis, but despite that, many people see him as one of the best tennis players in the universe, and that is why he has still remembered event today. During his 10-year career, he won 11 Grand Slam championships.

Borg started playing professional tennis when he was only 15. It was at this age that he participated in a match where he represented Sweden in the Davis Cup Championships. He won the match in 1972. Several months later, he got the title at the Wimbledon Junior Championships. He was the first person who ever won a million dollars in prize money in a single season, in 1979. In 1987, he was honored into the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Björn Borg

Even though he won so many championships throughout his career, the total amount of money he made from his career in tennis is only $3.6 million. So, you may be asking yourself, how comes Bjorn Borg’s net worth is 28 million dollars: Well, the majority of his net worth comes from his fashion brand “Björn Borg,” which is the major brand in clothing lines after Calvin Kelin in Sweden.

Throughout his life, Borg has always encountered gorgeous and beautiful women. In fact, there was a time he had to look for a security team because his hotel rooms were always surrounded with female fans who hoped to see him on his way to the games.

Yearly Net worth for Björn Borg

Year Net Worth ($)
2018 30 million
2017 28 million
2016 25.5 million

Where was Borg born and how old is he?

Borg was born on 6th June 1956. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden.

Meet Björn Borg Wife Patricia Ostfeldt.

Born Borgs with his wife Patricia Ostfeldt

Björn Borg ha a beautiful wife known as Patricia Ostfeldt. The two have been married for many years now and are blessed with two handsome boys called Leo and Robin. However, Borg had previously been married. Before meeting his current wife Patricia Östfeldt, he was married twice, the first time with Mariana Simionescu, who is a tennis player, and the second time with an Italian singer by the name Loredana Berte.

Notably, Björn Borg has a kid with Jannike Bjorling, who is a former Swedish supermodel. However, he only settled and became a family man when he met his beautiful wife Patricia Östfeldt, with whom she started a family.

Does Björn Borg have any siblings?

There is no information to confirm that he indeed has brothers or sisters.

The tennis feud between John McEnroe and Björn Borg

The American tennis player John McEnroe has always been Björn Borg’s biggest rival. At one point their rivalry was so intense that a movie about the was published in 2017. The name of the movie is Borg Vs. McEnroe. The trailer for the movie is already out, you can check it out.

How many houses does Björn Borg own?

Björn Borg has only one house where he and his family live. He currently resides in Monte Carlo, Monaco. However, he has not yet shared photos of his home.

Is Björn Borg active on social media?

Unlike many other superstars and celebrities, Borg is active on social media. In fact, he doesn’t have any social media account such as Google Plus, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. This means he loves to keep his personal life private. To know more about Björn Borg, you can check out his Wikipedia or his official website.

Did Borg attend any school?

Despite his fame, Borg has never gone to college, yet still, this did not stop him from creating a substantial amount of net worth. This shows that if you believe in yourself and stay true to your dreams, you can be successful.

Wiki bio for Björn Borg

Full names Björn Borg
Place of Birth Stockholm, Sweden
Date of Birth 6th June 1956
Nationality Swedish
Affairs Patricia Östfeldt, Mariana Simionescu, Loredana Berte
Children Leo,  Robin
Profession Former Tennis Player, Fashion Icon
Net worth $28 million dollars
Eye color Marble gray
Hair color Blonde
Height 180 cm
weight 159 lbs
Signs of the Zodiac Gemini
Sexual Orientation Straight

Björn Borg’s quotes

Some of the best quotes by Björn Borg:

I have always wanted to be a winner, even in practice

My greatest strength is persistence. I do not give up easily, even during a match. Even if I am down, I will fight until the last ball. The matches I have played have turned out to be great victories.

If you fear losing, then you cannot dare win.

It is difficult when you are number one, your life is on the lime light, you can walk freely in any place, I think that is the reason why I chose to quite tennis.

I started to play double handed on both back hand side and forehand because I had a very heavy first racket.

I had an interesting tennis career. I do not regret any moment. However, to find inner peace, and finally to spend quality time with family, I am among the happiest souls in the world.


Borg was and is still one of the best tennis player to every player in the world. Borg is a source of inspiration for many aspiring tennis players and will go down in history as one of the most respected fashion Icons.

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