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Billy The Exterminator star Billy Bretherton’s wife, divorce, net worth, age. 2022

Billy Bretherton

Bees, rats, snakes, name it. The name Billy Bretherton can’t be mentioned without thinking of what next he is going to be exterminating. Being one of the most famous TV personalities, his fame still resounds till today in Hollywood. The Discovery Channel series “Billy the Exterminator” broadcasted the lives of Billy and his brother Ricky Bretherton as the main characters. But we got to see the rest of the family too. And that includes himself, his father, and Donnie his mother. Not forgetting his wife Mary Bretherton. Pam, Ricky’s ex-wife had decided to leave the show much earlier on. Their divorce was actually a relief for the Bretherton family. It did seem like the entire family was not happy when Ricky married Pam. However, everyone liked his wife Mary Bretherton.

Is Billy Bretherton still married to Mary Bretherton? Or are they divorced?

In season 4 of Billy the Exterminator, we no longer saw much of Mary Bretherton. Did that signify foul play or a divorce under the sheets?  Fortunately no, actually Mary Bretherton had simply resigned. From the look of things, there seemed to be no tension among the cast members because she did appear once in a while in the following episodes of Billy the Exterminator. He was okay with her decision to leave the show and actually supported his wife.

However, there were speculations that he is the one who forced his wife to resign from the show. Due to a big fight that they had, apparently, Billy couldn’t have his wife on the show with him. The couples are still happily married though. Without any signs of divorce.

Hip-hop Billy Bretherton enjoying his time
TV Personalities Billy Bretherton

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Billy the Exterminator Net Worth

The current net worth of Billy Bretherton is $500,000. His main source of income is the show. Other than that there is no any endorsement deals that he is currently signed to.

During the popularities of the show, he was also doing various advertisements on TV and that has also played role in his net worth. Now since he has not been in the limelight other than the show we can’t be sure if he is going to be more rich or only $500,000 net worth man.


He was born on the 16th of September 1968 In the United States of America. He is married to Mary Bretherton. He is said to have a son with his wife Mary by the name of Bryce Bretherton. His parents are Billy and Donnie Bretherton. He has only one brother and that’s Ricky Bretherton. He earns close to $41 thousand dollars as salary per month.  He works for the A&E Network that’s why his major source of income is from being a Reality TV star on the famous Discovery Channel TV.

What happened to the show? Is it canceled?

After what Billy stated to be a family dispute, he left Vexon and moved to Illinois. This ended the show in 2012. His brother Ricky Bretherton, later on, decided to spread his wings independently by opening a channel on YouTube with the same view point as Billy the Exterminator. However, it wasn’t the same without him. Although the show did get canceled in 2012, early 2016 under a different production, he flew to Canada for the production of the show “Billy Goes North“. It, however, continues to be known as “Billy the Exterminator“. With his strange taste in clothing and love for nature, he does add an old school touch to our Television.

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