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Bill Engvall Wife Gail Engvall, Daughter Emily Engvall, Son Travis Engvall. 2022

Bill Engvall Comedian, Actor, Writer

Bill Engvall is a household name: the Texas-born comic was shouting ‘Here’s your sign!’ in the early 90’s, touring the country since the early00’s and more recently appearing on TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars. But do you have any idea how much impact this success has had on Mr. Engvall’s net worth? And how much do you know about Bill Engvall’s wife and family?

Bill Engvall Net worth

The comedian, now 65 years old, is believed to have a net worth of a staggering $40m, putting him up there with some of the most successful comedians in the USA. The ‘Here’s your sign!’ album was Bill’s first and has gone on to sell nearly 900,000 copies, while he’s produced more albums throughout his career which allowed his net worth to creep up year by year.

The Blue Collar comedy tour he created alongside Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, and Larry the Cable Guy made him a national figure as he toured for six years delivering endless laughs to his audiences up from the stage.

 Book deals have also been kind to Bill Engvall, as he’s authored a non-fiction book, a joke book, and an autobiography since 1997. You may have seen Bill finish 4th in the 2013 series of Dancing with the Stars or a few episodes of the sitcom Last Man Standing more recently.

                                     Bill Engvall Net worth is $50 Million   

Clearly, a very busy man, when you realize quite how many things Bill Engvall has been up to in the last 20 years it’s no wonder his net worth has risen so much.

Bill Engvall Wife Gail Engvall

Success can’t always just be measured in dollars, and it’s fair to say that Bill has done well in his personal life too. He’s been married to Gail Engvall since far-away 1982, and while his career has earned Bill fame, his success can only have been spurred on by his happy relationship with Mrs. Engvall.

Bill Engvall & Gail Engvall Lovely Couple
                                       Bill Engvall and wife Gail Engvall 


Bill Engvall Wife Gail Engvall bio.

Gail Engvall, previously Mary Gail Watson, is a few years younger than Bill at 62 and has spent much of her husband’s career away from the media spotlight that he faces. She is perhaps best known for the many routines Bill has based around her during his career, and she also made a couple of appearances on the game show Celebrity Family Feud.

Gail Engcall With Her Husband Bill Engvall couple
                                      Gail Engvall With Her Husband, Bill Engvall


In 2016, Bill famously made Gail the guest on an episode of his comedy podcast “My Two Cents” where she was finally able to relate her side of Bill’s stories to a listening audience. Nevertheless, Gail has been a stable figure in Bill’s life, and the couple has two children, Travis and Emily.

Bill Engvall Daughter Emily Engvall Bio.

Emily Engvall and Her Husband William Holden
  Emily Engvall & Her Husband William Holden


Emily was born four years after Bill and Gail’s marriage and is now 36. Like her mother, her public appearances have mostly been limited to Celebrity Family Feud and “My Two Cents.” She is currently a school psychologist and married in 2014 to William Holden, who works in communications and social media.

Bill Engvall with Wife Gail Engvall And Children Travis & Emily
 Bill Engvall with Wife Gail Engvall And Children Travis & Emily


The couple currently live in Colorado. Emily too has often been the subject of some of her father’s jokes, but it seems that she is also intent on a quiet life quite unlike that of her highly valuable father.

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