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Bill Burr Net Worth 2018: Meet his Wife Nia Hill and Daughter Lola. His House, Cars.

Bill Burr

William Fredric Burr is an American stand-up comedian. Bill Burr was born on 10th June 1968 in Canton, Massachusetts United States of America. Check Out Bill Burr’s Net Worth in 2018. Also, Meet his wife Nia Hill and their daughter Lola.

Bill Burr Net Worth is $6 Million.

With his intense success and many years in the field of comedy and acting, Bill Burr has achieved quite an enormous success.  He has made appearances in many television shows as a stand-up comedian.

Talking about his long-term career as a successful comedian, he has been active since 1998 in television until now, and he is still doing good. And there is no limit to what this man does. From being a Stand-up comedian to being featured in a video game, that’s right; he has also been featured in a video game called Grand  Auto which earned him a fortune. There might be just very little left that he hasn’t done,

The Forbes Magazine has approximated Bill Burr’s net worth to be approximately $6 million. However, it is subject to increment given that his age is just 49 years old and still very active in the industry.


Bill Burr Net Worth is $6 Million
Caption:- Bill Burr Net Worth is $6 Million

Bill Burr has been earning a good salary from his shows. Although we cannot reconstruct his salary from his television shows from 1998, it is obvious that he was handsomely paid. The release of his five stands up comedy films earned him a lot of cash. His appearance in the video game of Grand Theft Auto earned him close to $300000.

Bill Burr has also appeared in some adverts where he is paid quite well. Bill has made good money from his acting career. He has invested in many business keys among them is real estate.

Source of income to add to his Net Worth.

As mentioned earlier, Bill Burr has achieved considerable success in his career. In general, his net worth is estimated to be over $6 million and still counting because of his active role in television as a comedian and an actor.

The source of his income ranges. He has acquired more of his wealth from his career as a comedian. He is one of the best comedians in the States. Bill Burr also eans from his acting role. His appearance in the Netflix studios. He also earns big from his podcast show. All these have contributed to his fat net worth, but the primary source of income is his career as a comedian.

Bill Burr Source of income is comedian

Bill Burr is a married man. Meet his wife Nia Hill and Daughter Lola.

Being successful in with respect to career is one thing, but how is Bill Burr’s Married life? How successful is it? he married the love of his life, Nia Hill, in 2013. His wife is a director and also a screenwriter. She sometimes appears alongside Bill as a guest on Bill’s Podcast show.

Bill Burr and his wife Nia Hill has been blessed with one child. Their daughter, Lola was born on 20th  January 2017. They currently live in Los Angeles California as a family.

Bill Burr with his wife Nia Renee Hill
Caption:- Bill Burr with his wife, Nia Renee Hill

Source:- Earn The Necklace

Photo by Astrid Stawiarz Stringer Getty

So, from what it looks like, this guy has maintained his relationship as strong as his profession. From what we have seen, Bill Burr is living happily with his wife and kids.

House and Cars

Comedian Bill Burr owns a fleet of cars and his favorite ride as at now is his new Jaguar which he has appeared driving on many public and social occasions. He is also a chartered pilot, and he is thinking of acquiring a chopper soon. He owns a big mansion in Los Angeles where he lives with his family. Big house, Fast cars, isn’t that a rich lifestyle?

Bill Burr in his car
Caption:- Bill Burr in his car

Source:- Youtube

Short bio, career

Bill Burr has been a joker since his childhood. His company in his childhood years were always amazed at how he could crack jokes leaving them lively.

In 1995 Bill moved to New York City where he was introduced to acting. His podcast show since 2007 speaks about his past and experiences. From what he believes sharing his experiences with people might help them with the situations that are similar.

He has also appeared on radio shows, but his breakthrough in his career was when he decided to venture into stand up comedy where he has proved to be talented. Other than being a comedian he has also made appearances in several films.

Although cracking jokes and making people laugh is his main profession, his career doesn’t rest there, as he is also an actor, writer, and a podcast.

He has stared in some Netflix movies, and he hosts a podcast show dubbed Monday Morning Podcast. He has achieved considerable success in his profession, and he has also released five stand up comedy shows.

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