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Big Show Wife Bess Katramados Wiki-Biography, Facts

Big Show Wife Bess Katramados

You know Big Show from the popular WWE. Meet Big Show’s wife of 16 years, Bess Katramados. Read on to learn more about his better half, including their married life, find out if they have any kids yet and if so, how many? I will also give you details on her age and her family life.

Bess Katramados’s Married Life as Big Show’s Wife

Bess Katramado and Big Show have been married for 12 years. This was since 2002 when they tied the knot. Her husband, Paul Wight, was born on 8th February 1972. He is a WWE wrestler who is an American national. Here’s an exciting part of their personal life, Bess is the second wife of Big Show.

Yes, Paul was married to one Mellissa Ann. The two had gotten married on valentine’s day of 1997, but unfortunately, their union did not last beyond 2000, and they got officially divorced in 2002 when Bess and Big Show got married.

There had been unverified rumors that Bess and Big Show have gone their separate ways, but the couple has continued sharing pictures of their happy times. This is an indicator that the separation vibe was just but a rumor.


Before meeting the famous wrestler, Bess was an upcoming model. Not much was known about her. Life took a turn for her after meeting the wrestler; she took up the role of promoter, trainer, and homemaker. She currently continues to support her husband in the workouts is a homemaker and a full-time mother to their children.

Family: Kids?

Like is the wish for many happily married couples, Big Show and wife Bess have been blessed with two children. The first is a daughter followed by a son. Paul and Melissa, (his first wife) had a baby girl together. Her name is Cierra Wight. Paul held partial custody of Cierra and Bess would always help her hubby raise her.

The birth of her own children made the family bigger and probably better. Cierra now had siblings. Bess has lived in different parts of the USA together with her family.

She has tasted life while living in Miami, Florida, Lutz, Odessa, Chicago and Saint Petersburg. According to the information we have from very credible sources, Bess Katramados currently lives Miami, Florida.

Bess’s Husband

As already mentioned, Bess is married to the WWE star Big Show. Big show has been a wrestler for nearly twenty years. His real name is Paul Donald Wight II. Aside from wrestling, Paul is also an actor.

Currently, Big Show wrestles on Raw. Asss’s husband has a very large body. As suggested in his name a matter of fact, he is the largest wrestler seen on WWE. He stands on a height of 7” and weighs about 450lbs.

Born in 1972, Big Show is the largest sportsperson there is in the world. He is a WWE superstar with a key role at the WWE: Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History.

A Supportive and Caring Wife

Big Show has had a fair share of life’s challenges. Bess has always been at his side. First, she would help take care of his daughter with the first wife, then when Big Show was taken ill with Acromegaly, Bess was by his side as a full-time caretaker. She has stood by her husband all the way and confesses to being still in love with the large wrestler.


Big Show wife Bess Katramados was born in 1973. She is 49 at the time of writing this article. She hails from Illinois state and is wife to Big Show. She is married to Big Show w, born a year ahead of her. The couple has been blessed with two children.

Bess is not an active member on social platforms, and she rarely shares her photos. Nonetheless, there are a couple of photos available on the internet. This show a lady with a very well built body.


Name:  Bess Katramados
Date of birth:  1973
Age: 49 years
Place of Birth:  Illinois
Number of Children: 2
Place of residence: Miami, Florida
Marital status: Married
Spouse:  Paul Donald Wight II

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