Ben Winspear Biography: Meet Marta Dusseldorp husband. Their Net Worth and Kids.

Ben Winspear biography Everything about Marta Dusseldorp husband wiki bio age net worth

When watching a romantic piece, the chemistry between the two actors should be flawless and the attraction undeniable. To sell this, most film producers pick a great cast and hope the magic happens. Some actors have been known to sell the role poorly while other pairs develop the spark on screen. To some, the attraction is deep-seated that they take their romance off-screen. That’s the case for Marta Dusseldorp and her husband, Ben Winspear. Get to know about the actor and performer, Benjamin Winspear and his Net Worth and family here.

Ben Winspear is Marta Dusseldorp’s husband. More about their married life and kids

Ben Winspear and Wife Marta Dusseldorp met way back in 2003 when Marta was performing at the Sydney Opera house, and he knew right then he had to meet her. As destiny would put it or rather Ben’s planning, they finally connected at an aesthetic and work ethics where they connected.

In 2014, the couple grew even much closer when they both got cast to play at the Sydney Theatre company. Soon afterward they started dating and got married. The marriage idea was all Marta’s doing.

In fact, she’s the one who proposed. The idea of marriage was a distant story to Ben as a result of his torn childhood when his parents got divorced. Eventually, she wore him down and together, they tied the knot.

He couldn’t be any happier as they have been together for 13 years with two daughters

Ben Winspear and Marta Dusseldorp Net worth

Marta Dusseldorp’s husband Ben Winspear current net worth is rumored to be valued at around $12 million in 2018. The actress, on the other hand, is also valued at close to $1 million.

With their salaries under review, the duo makes most of their income through their work in acting and producing for over a decade now.

Ben Winspear net worth

Caption:- Ben Winspear’s Net Worth is $12 Million.

As for the living arrangements, the couple sold their Paddington home after leasing it for quite a while now before moving over to Brisbane. The move on their part was in line with their new job starring in Queensland Theatre’s Production scenes from a marriage.

Ben Winspear and Marta Dusseldorp working together.

Fans of the Australian Television series “A Place to Call Home” were excited with the casting choice made by the series director to include Ben who will be playing Rene.

The choice was superb in that he’ll get to work alongside his real-life wife, Marta co-starring as nurse Sarah Adams in the 1950’s set drama. The only other time the two have worked together was during the STC production where Ben Winspear helped out in directing.

His Family: Children, Daughters, Parents.

The actor’s immediate family consists of his two daughters Maggie of age 8 and Grace of age 11. His siblings and birth parents information is unknown with the only bit of information known about his dad is the fact that he was also a film director. On the other hand, Marta is an open book when it comes to her family

The Australian Dutch Engineer Dick Dusseldorp is her grandfather. She also has two siblings namely Destroy and Yoris Dusseldorp who dies at the age of nine months in 1981. Details of her parents are unknown

Career details

For the many who aren’t familiar with Ben’s line of work, he is best known as an actor on famous films such as The Babadook, My place and A place to call home (2013).

His career kick-started back in early 2000 when he was a producer and coordinator for some of Australia’s Theatre productions.

He has been nominated in the Australian Film Institute as the best guest and supporting actor in a television drama series 1 in an episode titled 1968 Sofia.

When it comes to glamour, the actor doesn’t fall short. He has been the face for Brando’s Classic Men’s footwear working side by side with Byfield. Together they came up with the perfect backdrop for the 2018 winter collection.

His wiki-bio, age, Birthday and other Information.

Marta Dusseldorp’s husband Ben Winspear is rumored to be two years younger than her. Since she was born on February 1st, 1973 making her 45 now, the actor is probably 43 years old.. Ben Winspear was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia where he grew up with the passion for the film industry just like his father.

Details regarding him are scanty since he likes to keep his information private.

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