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Bebe Rexha Boyfriend, Breakup and Dating life

Bebe Rexha

Rising star Bebe Rexha has enjoyed a fast-climbing career and many hit singles. Best known for her collaborations with DJ’s David Guetta and Martin Garrix and featuring on the hit ‘Me, Myself & I’ with G-Eazy, she has been catapulted from relative obscurity to the top of the charts.

Not only successful as a singer, but Bebe Rexha also has a solid career as a songwriter; she is most recognized as the creative writer behind ‘The Monster,’ the hit single from Eminem and Rhianna. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Rexha’s vibrant and feisty personality means she isn’t afraid to speak her mind, although she prefers to keep some aspects of her life out of the public eye.

Here You’ll find more about Bebe Rexha’s current boyfriend and relationship status. Also, we have found out about her recent breakup.

Bebe Rexha’s Current Boyfriend

Rexha’s current status can only be speculated upon, notoriously private about her life and relationships. Rumors have flown about a possible connection with Dutch DJ Martin Garrix; the two collaborated on the song ‘In The Name Of Love,’ which reached the number one spot on the US Dance Club Songs Billboard chart in 2016.

Caption: Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha’s official music video ‘In The Name Of Love’, which released in 2016

It has been suggested that Martin Garrix is dating singer Dua Lipa. The pair have been spotted out and about together, but there has been no confirmation of their relationship. In early 2016, Bebe Rexha sent out tweets that read ‘I don’t have a boyfriend’ and ‘I want to go on a date. In March of 2017, Rexha then tweeted, ‘Nope. No boyfriend. No boys like me.’ which suggests the singer could be single after all.

Past Relationships, Dating History, and break up.

Rexha appears to have a turbulent dating history; in August 2015, she split up with her long-term boyfriend, who cruelly dumped her through a text message after 18 months together. The identity of this previous boyfriend has not been made public.

For several years after her relationship breakdown, Rexha has stated her ex-boyfriend on Twitter and in interviews. Despite being private about her other past relationships, she has been no stranger to slating her ex, sending out tweets reading ‘My

‘My ex blocked me on everything. Guess he heard I wrote a whole album about him. Maybe he’ll learn not to break up with a girl through text’,

also stated that inspiration for her songs was from the horrible way he treated her at the end of their relationship and how his actions made her a better person.

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