Bear Brown from “Alaskan Bush People” arrested. Know the details 2022

Image of Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People

Bear Brown is a TV personality who owes his fame to his family.

The Browns are a clan of survivalists who at one point, completely cut themselves off from the modern world. Bear and the rest of his family could spend several months in isolation, far removed from modern amenities and other people.

Owing to their interesting way of life, Bear Brown and his family got to star in their own reality show, ‘The Alaskan Bush People.’

Reports recently surfaced that Bear Brown had been arrested. Here’s the latest report on the matter.

Why was Bear Brown from “Alaskan Bush People” arrested?

Solomon Isiah Freedom Brown, whom most people know as ‘Bear’, was taken into custody on the 11th of March 2022.

Bear, who is currently 34-years old, was accused of assaulting his 23-years old partner, Raven.

Police reports suggest that Bear Brown was attempting to forcefully grab Raven’s phone when the altercation happened. She obviously tried to prevent this from happening, which led to Bear violently pinning him to the ground.

The police eventually arrived, taking Bear to the county jail, where he was charged with fourth-degree assault.

Sources say that he’d go on to spend seven days in jail as the authorities investigated the matter.

Bear Brown posing for photo

Bear Brown got arrested

They quickly discovered that this was not the first instance of violence reported. Raven claimed that he frequently pushed her around, though they could find no bruising or markings across her body.

Furthermore, they found that neither of the two had been drinking at the time of the altercation.

Other than this, the police were also quick to note that Bear had not attempted to strangle his estranged wife.

This would have led to a much more serious charge. Bear Brown is scheduled to appear in court on the 26th of April 2022.

What led to the altercation?

When interviewed by the police, Raven Adams revealed that trouble had been brewing from the previous night. The two were in the process of moving their things into a trailer when things got heated.

According to multiple reports, Bear started to verbally abuse his partner.

He had taken issue with Raven’s decision to lock him out of the trailer, which is what led to the fight.

Brown made multiple attempts to gain entrance, but none of them worked. He finally gained entry the next day and pushed Raven against the bed after she’d tried to get him out again.

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