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“Soldstickergirl” Barrett-Jackson Auction Girl Elaine Beezy wiki-bio, age. Boyfriend? Husband?

soldstickergirl barret jackson auction girl Elaine Beezy

Barrett-Jackson is an auction company from America. It is known for the auction of antique cars and classic cars. Barret-Jackson also runs collectors events in different parts of the country like Palm Beach, Uncasville, Florida, Las Vegas, Nevada. But today we are not here to talk about Barrett-Jackson we are rather about to tell you more about Barrett Jackson auction girl Elaine Beezy.

Who is Barret-Jackson Auction Girl?

The girl working for Barrett-Jackson her real name is Elaine Beezy. She has been working with the company for some time now and the fans of the company and followers who watch the live auction of Barrett-Jackson via the various channel and online media tends to focus more on Barrett-Jackson Sticker girl Elaine Beezy.

She had left the company for a while but now she is back in the game and the fans are more than happy to see their original Soldstickergirl on Barret Jackson.

A fan Ronald Ray Gun Twitted,

“Finally! Original #Soldstickergirl is back in the primetime and she brought her “A” game”

Fan Twitted on Barret Jackson Auction Girl

In another post by the same guy, he asked Eline Beezy to comment on her fans and followers on Twitterverse. He wrote,

“C’mon guys it’s primetime Saturday and #soldstickergirl is officially part of the Velocity team now for 2 years. The Twitterverse wants to hear from @Eliane_Beezy, she’s earned her 15 minutes of fame. Get down the ramp! #BarretJackson”

Tweet of fan to responce on his comment for Barret-Jackson Auction Girl


Her outstanding looks and personality is the main reason why she has quickly gathered a large number of fans and followers.

Her popularity on Twitter as Soldstickergirl

Most of the fans are unknown or have a very less info regarding her true identity. They even started calling her Soldstickergirl and it went on twitter trends in a hashtag #soldstickerlgirl.

Of all her fans many of them are attracted towards her because of her great physics. Some of the fans tweets on Twitters makes us believe that they not only watch the show because they love it, the reason why they watch Barret-Jackson auctions is because of this beautiful girl.

Her Wiki-biography, Age:

Soldstickergirl Elaine Beezy was born on 1983 September 1 that makes her 35 years old as of 2018 January(the time of writing this article).

And how do we know she celebrates her birthday on September 1? Well, we know because she shared a status on Instagram on that day with a caption

Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrated by birthday with me!!! Even the random nipple bomb in the back of the picture.

Birth day party picture of Soldstickergirl

Talking about her family, she hasn’t revealed anything to make a statement about her parents. She has posted a picture of her dad on her Instagram.

Instagram post of Soldstickergirl with her father

Caption:- Instagram post of Soldstickergirl with her father

Barrett Jackson Girl  Elaine Beezy had a big brother who passed away from cancer. She took the help of social media to let her fans know about her absence in the show. She wrote,

I’m sorry, I will not be at trivia tonight.
My wonderful and sweet brother passed away last night from cancer. Asking for prayers of strength and comfort for my family today.

Her relationship Status: Dating a boyfriend? or married to a husband?

We are not sure about Elaine Beezy, Soldstickergirl relationship status. She hasn’t revealed anything about dating a boyfriend or being married to a husband yet. But as far as we know she isn’t married. But a hot girl like her could be dating a boyfriend about whom she hadn’t revealed anything.

Her pictures.

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  1. Hello my name is Ken Deetch i live in bradenton Fl worked on Siesta Key for years I have seen some very nice talent and I can say Elaine can handle hers I would pay to see her in a bikini she is such a bonus to Barret Jackson its all we talked about at work today ,I got a photo of her in my phone when the day sucks ill look at that and say there is a God thanks Elaine Barret Jackson .

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