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Ax Men Star Craig Rygaard Dead or Alive? Know his Wife, Injury, Wiki-Bio. 2024

Ax Men was a stunning American show, produced by Original Productions on the History channel. It premiered in 2008. The reality show followed the work of several Logging teams in the Second Growth Forests of Northwestern Oregon, Washington, and Montana. It was also featured on the rivers of Louisiana and Florida. The captivating show showcased the adventures and dangers encountered by the loggers. The series was canceled in 2016. In this review, learn more about the rumors surrounding Craig Rygaard’s death, his net worth, bio, and children.

Craig Rygaard’s logging company, Rygaard Logging, featured from the second to the ninth season. The cast of “Ax Men” Craig was known to be a fiery competitor in the series, pushing his team of loggers into a thrilling adventure.

Craig Rygaard Injury.

A video from “Fall of Legend” once showed him being carried by his team of loggers after he fell down trying to fix a carriage line truck in a row of standing trees.

Craig Rygaard from “Ax Men” suffered a severe injury that resulted in his hospitalization. The video shows the old frail, Craig Rygaard writhing from intense pain as the men carried him away. Many of his fans thought he would not survive the injuries from that accident.


Craig Rygaard came out of hospital fit again to continue with his logging business and adventures. Craig Rygaard a fierce castor, though old and frail is still alive and assisting his sons to run their logging company, Rygaard Logging.

Ax Men Deaths.

The Ax men cast members had lost some of its members to the cruel hand of death across the seasons. Craig Rygaard and his fellow co-stars lost 3 of their members by the close of the show in 2016. Members who have died from the cast are Gabe Rygaard, Jimmy Smith who died from cancer in 2012 and William Colantuono who died a year later from a helicopter crash.

Image of Ax Men cast Jimmy Smith died from cancer
Ax Men cast Jimmy Smith died from cancer

William of S&S Aqua logging died at the age of 56 after a long battle with cancer. He played on the show with his sons in the series. William was a daring helicopter pilot, who starred in Ax Men by carrying logs with his helicopter. He died at the age of 54 near Detroit Lakes, Oregon when his helicopter crashed.

Image of Ax Men cast William Colantuono died from helicopter crashed
Ax Men cast William Colantuono died from helicopter crashed

Gabe Rygaard Dead. How Did He Die? Who else in Ax Men is Dead?

Craig lost his son, Gabe Rygaard. Unlike reports that had said the founder of Rygaard had died, that wasn’t the case. Gabe Rygaard had taken over the running of his father’s business, and so many people thought he was the founder of Rygaard logging.


Gabe was a certified logger and co-owner-operator of Rygaard Logging, Inc. that he ran with his brother Jason and son, Aden. Gabe died at the age of 45, from a gruesome road crash that involved two other vehicles on U.S. Route 101 in Port Angeles, Washington on September 2016.

Craig Ryagaard Net Worth.

Craig is a certified professional who built his name and business in logging. His wealth is credited to his logging business, Rygaard logging, which he established in 1992. Craig Rygaard’s Net Worth is $3 Million.


Reality television

Craig Rygaard also earned a lot from his casting role in Ax Me. He based the company in Port Angeles, Washington. Craig Rygaard has been a caste of Ax Men from season 2 and retired at the end of the sixth season. Craig Rygaard left the running of the business to his eldest son Gabe Rygaard in 2013. He credited Gabe’s effort to have saved his business by the time of his death. His other sons Jason and Burt now run the company after the man’s death

Craig Rygaard’s temper was, which led to controversy amongst his team of loggers. Due to his experience in the industry, Craig Rygaard was able to steer his team to complete their dangerous challenges on the show.

His son, Gabe Rygaard at the time of his death had amassed a larger net worth than his dad’s standing at $4 million.

Craig Rygaard Family, Age, Wiki Bio.


Craig Rygaard has three sons: the late Gabe Rygaard, Jason and Burt. His wife and marriage, however, are a mystery.



Craig Rygaard is sixty-eight years having been born on April 17, 1950. His parents, siblings, and upbringing remain a mystery.  The much we know is his close relationship with his sons.


His Bio will not be complete without applauding his business prowess; having run a business for more than two and a half decades is not a mean feat. He has passed on his legacy to his sons who continue to propel the logging business to greater heights.

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