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What is Ariel Tweto doing now? her wiki, net worth. What happened to Ariel Tweto? 2022

Image of Ariel Tweto

Meet Ariel Tweto, a normal resident hailing from the white cold land of Unalakleet, Nome Census Area, Alaska, USA.

Her daily work varies from flying sorties to other ground duties. Yes, being a part of reality shows also qualifies for her “to-do list”.

But what is the real story of this young lady who seems to have enough work experience in aviation as well as TV shows?

Let’s see. Let us get a sneak peek at Flying Wild Alaska’s Ariel Tweto’s Net Worth, Wiki-bio, career, and profession.

Her career and profession

Ariel got her first major TV appearance on the show Wipeout. Giving a start to her Net worth count.

Her simple character made its way to the hearts of many viewers as they instantly started talking about her.

She went quite a decent set of levels ahead in the game show and earned a reputation.

It was in this show that she told the viewers about her personal life.

Though she didn’t say much a particular episode in which she said that she’s never kissed anyone before was nicknamed “The kissing episode”.

Her extreme hard work and dedication paid off as she was regarded as one of the fiercest opponents in the game. This marked off her first appearance in a long run of shows of which she is still a part.

A picture from Ariel Tweto an event for the show Wipeout.

While Ariel was busy maintaining her status as a fierce competitor, several producers from different media houses flocked her doorstep back in Alaska only to sign in a deal with her family.

Though Ariel Tweto’s father Jim protested the idea of having too many cameras around as he believed that “why would people take an interest in their day to day work,” turns out that he was wrong about this view.

Raise To Stardom.

Flying Wild Alaska was the perfect recipe which the Tweto family needed spice up their lives and it eventually did.

What Jim Tweto thought to be just a mere wastage of resources turned out to be his and his family’s boon.

The documentary series focused on the day to day problems of the aviation and transportation wing which is largely responsible for the sustainability of human life.

It spawned for three seasons and had a decent critical score of 8.1 on IMDb. The primary focus of the show was the Tweto family and its exploits.

While the head of the corporation Era Alaska, Jim Tweto was in charge of the various aerial and management operations, it was Ariel’s job as a ground duty specialist to manage every second with extreme efficiency. Which she, alongside her sister Ayla Tweto managed with ease.

The show “Flying Wild Alaska” was an instant hit among the viewers.

They loved the working style of the Tweto family and were interested in knowing the conditions of the harsh and cold Alaskan regions.

What happened to Ariel Tweto? Why exit from “Flying Wild Alaska?”

Amidst the series, Ariel’s flying instructor accompanied her in various tests where she proved herself worthy to be a private pilot. I

n the final season’s last episode, Ariel got her pilot’s license while Jim finally declared his retirement.

Though the retirement was a hard decision for the Tweto family, it was a good move as the popularity of the show was degrading gradually.

So instead of going out of the business with a low hum, the Twetos decided to cut it short, and hence the long thirty-year flying career of Jim Tweto came to a full stop.

From managing the groundwork to flying among the clouds, Ariel Tweto battled against all the odds. But this wasn’t the end as there was still a lot more to come.

Net worth, sources of income.

If her net worth is concerned, the lady gained a considerable amount. Lots of money! Starting from her career from the show Wipeout.

Since then, Ariel has backed a significant amount of net worth and has a good number of assets as well.

She also has an active media career. She has hosted various events and shows gaining more positivity to her net worth.

Flying Wild Alaska’s Ariel Tweto’sariel net worth ranges around $1 million and is growing continuously with every new project.

Apart from shows, her other sources of income include hosting, appearing on shows and some paid promotions and advertising, adding on to her net worth.

Stay tuned until you know Ariel Tweto’s Husband and married life.

Her new show “True Alaska” canceled?

Since the off of the first season, there has been no news or announcement regarding the launch date of the next season. There have been rumors that the show has been canceled but nothing confirms.

Where is Ariel Tweto now? What is she doing in 2018?

People thought that Ariel’s career as a TV star had faded after the demise of Flying Wild Alaska, but her career had only begun.

Ariel got the golden chance of hosting the Miss Alaska USA Pageant twice in 2013 and 2014, and from there she got involved in various scientific institutions.

The list got even bigger when she declared her newest project Covering Alaska in which she claimed to invest as much as she could.

And this, in turn, would yield her more income adding on to her net worth, at least that’s what she bravely said, and we hope she does.

Talking about her latest exploits she is currently learning and fine-tuning the art of gliding, she’s into this profession so much that even her parents find it really hard to keep her away for a second.

Shw has proven herself to be a dark horse among the normal folks.

Her mettle screams success through the walls of dark myths and other pseudo-emotions which drive a human insane.

It is tough to be on track these days, but when people like Ariel are around the block, the common folks of Alaska breathe a sigh of relief.

Image of Ariel Tweto from flying wild alaska

Married to the husband? Kids?

Ariel Tweto has always been very personal about her life. She reportedly never opened up in front of the media and paparazzi.

She is living a quiet life. What we know is that she is living a peaceful, happy life wherever she is.

She once said that she could not date anyone from her village since she is related to all of them almost.

Anything about Flying Wild Alaska star Ariel Tweto’s husband, marriage or kids in unknown.

Wiki Bio, Age, Facts

Name Ariel Eva Tweto
Age      35
Married Not known
Husband Not Known
Marriage         Not Known
Net worth $1 million


Jim Tweto.

Ferno Tweto.

  • Flying is Ariel’s passion.
  • Once on a Television show, she said that she hadn’t kissed anyone. The show was known later called “the kissing episode.”
  • She got her flying license at an early age of 21.
  • From her show Wipeout, she became famous for her “Where is the pole?” Blooper.

The Alaskan born, purely American citizen was born in 1987 to a middle-class family. Her father Jim Tweto is a pilot and COO of Era Alaska.

Since her genesis into this big world, Ariel was always into adventurous stuff, and this thirst still makes her pursue uncharted feasts which others merely dream of. Obtaining the pilot’s license at the mere age of 21 she proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with. But living and managing heavy machinery under such harsh conditions isn’t an easy task.

Alaska is prone to take lives on a daily basis. The extremely cold crosswinds make it utterly difficult for aircraft to take off and land, and to add more trouble the airstrips are mostly covered with snow.

These things coupled with another day to day factors make survival, a challenging task for the common folk of Alaska.

The flying lady has gained a good net worth all because of the show “Flying Wild Alaska” and some of her other projects.

Her Parents, Sibling.

From the very beginning, Ariel Tweto’s parents have always been supportive of the decisions, and this has given, quite the fruitful results which every parent dreams of. Living in a place far away from the major cities like New York, San Francisco, etc. with her parents and her only sister has only forged her spirit into something so strong that has made her the perfect candidate for the recipe of success.

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  1. awww bless ariel what a great person you are so devoted to hard work and a great sense of adventures you take on and challenge all of them and everything you set your heart on doing you never let nothing hold you back,well done for keeping your personal life private so pleased for you and good luck with everything you do in the future you deserve all the happiness in the world.

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