Ariel Schulman Wife, Net worth, Age, Wiki-bio, and Career

Millennials are ever busy with their phones. With the internet at their fingertips, they are always socializing, making new friends or trying to find soulmates. Dating apps have their perks. However, many at times, users lie about who they really are in a bid to impress others. This sort of behavior may include swapping identities and lying about everything on their profile. With ever increasing stories, MTV brought us Catfish: The TV show that highlights all this. We shall be focusing on the guy who made it all possible, Ariel Schulman. Find out more about his net worth, age, wife, career and wiki-bio here.

Who is Ariel Schulman?

You may have heard famous film directors like Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg. Ariel isn’t so much different from them. While the two mostly focus on the big screen, Schulman takes his work on both the smaller screen and big screen as well. He is a director, actor, film director and producer based in America.

Ariel Schulman Net Worth

If you thought big film productions make a lot at the Box Office you’re right. Small film productions make just as much especially if they are well received.

 Director Ariel Schulman's Net worth,

Ariel Schulman’s net worth as of 2018 stands at approximately $7 million. This comes as a total culmination of his work throughout his active years which date as far back as 2004. Most of his fortune has been as amassed from his career as a documentary director and producer combined.

While Ariel Schulman’s salary with MTV is still concealed, other sources that we dug up include his salary as an actor. His last short role was in the film Family Tree.


You know about Ariel Schulman’s net worth, now see his career.

The Catfish director was not always big in Hollywood. Just like most film producers and directors, his career began shortly after graduating from New York University in 2004. One of his first film productions was his short video called In Defense of Lemmings. He wouldn’t have managed this if he had not majored in an Arts Film Program.

The New York Graduate may have started earning in 2004 but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have experience in the field. In fact, he had always been fascinated with filming ever since he was a kid in high school. Attracting the attention of non-other than Henry Joost.

Henry is also a big film producer. Their long-lasting friendship has seen them work various projects together. These include Box Office Hits such as the Paranormal Activity franchise. They co-directed the 3rd and 4th film installments which grossed millions worth of profits at the Box office. In fact, the 3rd Paranormal Activity movie made roughly $202 million profit from a budget of only $5 million.

With things headed in the right direction, the duo thought it wise to start their own production company called Supermarché. While the center stage and media usually focuses on the actors and actresses in the movies, the directors rarely receive much attention. As such, they usually enjoy their fortune in peace with less hassle from the paparazzi.

With the new production company in place, the duo went to make other films like Nerve released in 2016. The film grossed over $85 million worldwide from a budget of $19 million. Other films include Viral and Mega Man, a classic retro video game franchise also known as Rockman in Japan. The official release date is yet to be announced.

 Director Ariel Schulman

Moving back to the director’s acting career, he went on to appear in a number of short films. These include: The Adventures of Slater’s Friend, If You See Something, Say Something, Jerry Ruis, Shall We Do This? The Pleasure of Being Robbed and Family Tree. Other roles include the TV series Tight Shots.

“Catfish” Producer Ariel Schulman Married to Wife? or dating Girlfriend?

Remember that bit of information about film directors letting most of the credit go to the stars of the film? Well, it is the same for the Catfish producer. He lives most of his life low key with next to zero interaction with the press. Even if he goes on interviews, there is usually little talk about his personal life.

As such, there is no information about his dating life. We have no clue whether he is married or not. If he is, he’s doing a hell of a job at hiding his wife.

Some sources claim that Ariel Schulman is not married so it’s either that or he is expert in keeping his married life and wife secret.

Wiki-Bio, Age

Name Ariel Schulman
Age 36
Date of Birth October 1st, 1981
Place of Birth New York City
Profession Director, Producer, Actor
Net worth $7 million
Marital status Single
Kids None
Height 5’ 7’’

The American Catfish Producer was born on October 1st, 1981 to his German-Russian-Romanian-Jewish family. Much of his early childhood and education is unknown. Other than that, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts Film Production from New York University.

The 36-year old has a famous brother named Nev Schulman who also stars in the show Catfish: The TV show.


Ariel Schulman is going places. His $7-million-dollars’ worth of net worth after working with famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie, Dave Franco and Emma Roberts is definitely well deserved. To the ladies out there, he is possibly single, successful at just 36 years of age.


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