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Anne Allison’s Death, Married, Wiki-Bio.

Image of Anne Allison's Death, Married, Wiki-Bio.

Meet Lori Anne Allison, the former flame and wife of renowned actor Johnny Depp. Away from her ex-husband’s persona, she’s a confident professional makeup artist and businesswoman.

However, after her divorce from the actor, she disappeared from the limelight with speculations about her death. Well, after much digging, we finally caught up with her and pressed on to find out what happened with her marriage. Here is her life’s summary in our Wiki-Bio.

Lori Anne Allison death rumors. What is she doing now?

The news going around the media that Lori succumbed to death is all false propaganda. She is very much alive and healthy. Her absence from social media is a personal choice and not to be taken as a catalyst to stir up rumors.

The makeup artist is very invested in building her business, even in her sixties. Apart from her main gig as a stylist, she also owns two firms, namely, Serendipity Lip Glosses and D’Cups. The former was established in 2015, whereas the latter is a small catering cupcake business that serves many clients.

Lori has been known to regulate the makeup supply of A-list celebrities. When she’s not managing the two firms, she’s busy attending to her client’s personal needs. Her net worth may be unknown, but we know she got $7 million as a settlement after her divorce to Johnny Depp. It looks like she put the money into good use. Let’s now look into her married life.

Makeup artist Lori Anne Allison’s married life and divorce with Johnny Depp.

We probably wouldn’t have had a great Captain Jack Sparrow as portrayed by Johnny Depp if it was not for Lori Anne with all things said and done. She was significantly involved and facilitated the origin of Depp’s acting career. But that’s getting ahead of us, so let’s back up a bit.

Image of Lori Anne Allison with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Lori Anne Allison with her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

The actor was not always involved in movies. Instead, he was a rock star in the band Rock City Angels while at the same time working odd jobs like telemarketing for pens. The band’s bass player had a sister who grew very fond of Depp and his music. She introduced him to the actor Nicholas Cage who coerced him into acting.

The woman in question, like you, guessed it was none other than Lori Anne. She was five years older than him, but age was just a number for them. The pair fortified their love in Holy matrimony in a wedding held on December 20th, 1983. However, being married to Depp had its troubles. The couple called it quits and divorced two years later, citing irreconcilable differences.

Nevertheless, the ex-couple maintained their friendship even after the divorce. The makeup artist supported her former husband in his career and fought legal battlesp has dated a bevy of women but only got married twice and the second was a disaster.

His second wife, Amber Heard accused the actor of verbal and physical abuse. Allison responded by defending Depp highlighting that Depp was a sweet soul and never showered aggression during their marriage.

Career info, Wiki-bio

Full Name Lori Anne Allison
Age 65
Date of Birth September 6th, 1957
Place of Birth U.S.A
Profession Makeup artist, entrepreneur.
Net worth Unknown
Ex-husband Johnny Depp
Kids None
Height 5 feet 0 inches
Nationality American
Zodiac sign Virgo.


Lori was born on September 6th, 1957 in the United States of America. Details of the exact town of residence and birth are also a secret. Moreover, her alma mater is entirely out of the question. However, we do know a little bit about her early life.

Like most girls, she used to play with dolls while growing up. Tea parties, styling the toys, making their hair and makeup used to take much of her hours as a child. Later on, during her teenage years, she got a job at a boutique which fueled her passion for fashion. With friends like Adam Ant and Christina Applegate whispering in her ear to pursue her passion, she left her other dream of becoming a record producer.

It was with the help of Adam that she got a job with the Television Community. Coupling her artistry with acting also introduced her to many potential situations. These opened doorways, staircases, elevators, you name it, to success. The rest, from there, is history.


Lori Anne Allison may be a makeup artist, but her marriage to Johnny Depp is what sealed the deal. She is very much alive, ignoring the death rumors and enjoying life as summarized in our wiki-bio.

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