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Ann Wilson: Weight Loss, Married Life, Husband, Kids 2022

Ann Wilson

Ann Dustin Wilson was born on 19th June 1950. She is popular as the lead singer and songwriter of the hard rock band “Heart”. Moreover, she is an American musician and is regarded as one of the best female vocalists in the history of rock music. During her fame, she was known to be a chubby beautiful singer, but later after her marriage and having children, she dropped her weight. Today we will talk about the reason behind her weight loss.

Reasons for her Weight Loss:

Controlling weight is one of the major issues that celebrities face. The reason why Ann was so persistent to lose weight was that she felt helpless about her health. She wanted to feel livelier and be rambunctious with her children. Another reason for the sudden change in appearance was that she was a single parent and her children used to look at her and wonder if she was sick.

Nevertheless, Ann Wilson has a child who had been bullied because of being overweight. Being the Heart’s lead singer, the record company executives and band members were pressuring her to lose weight in fear that the lead singer’s figure would be a compromise to the band’s image.

However, in 2002, she found a solution to her problem. Although transforming the body appearance is not a very easy thing to most of us, she was delighted to announce and share how she had lost weight and how her problem had become manageable.

Ann was thankful and was seen promoting a new Laparoscopic surgical procedure called “LAP-BAND” adjusting Gastric Banding System so that people facing a similar struggle in life would be a beneficiary.

Ann Wilson weight loss before and after picture
Caption: Ann Wilson’s weight loss before and after pictures

Married life with husband.

Ann Wilson got married in April 2015 to Dean Wetter, who is close to 66 years old. She has been in several relationships in her past but they all ended. Ann and Dean went out 30 years before getting married. They used to get drunk and so the relationship was not serious. The lovebirds got married in her manager Carol Peters’ backyard. The marriage vows were exchanged in Topanga, California which was attended by an intimate group of friends and families.

The husband and wife are happily married and it seems her accomplishments in life were not only weight loss but also getting married to the love of her life. The husband Dean loves Ann as much as before. Ann’s new husband did not only marry a good wife but also get two kids. Her husband works in multi-generational communities. Rumors of splitting up between Ann and her husband are not there. We wish them bliss in their marriage as husband and wife.

Ann Wilson with her husband Dean Wetter
Caption: Ann Wilson with her husband Dean Wetter

Source: Pinterest

Family, kids.

Ann and Dean have two adopted children whom they love as much as their own. The first kid is Marie who was adopted in 1991. She is a grown lady by now. The second kid goes by the name Dustin and was adopted in 1998. The family is indeed blessed and is seen to be complete. The kids by known must be old enough as there is no information on them.

Short Bio.

She graduated from Sammamish High School. In 2013 together with her team, she won the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Her net worth stands at $18 million. She has presently released her new EP “How to be Single”. Ann has made appearances in the TV documentary called “The Eighties” and has starred with John Oliver in “Last Week Tonight”.

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