Anllela Sagra Wiki and Fitness Journey. 2022

Anllela Sagra

Born on the 6th of October 1993, Anllela Sagra is a fitness instructor and a fitness model. She was born in Colombia, South America. Her educational background enhanced her career in modeling as a fashion model and a fashion design student. At a very young age, She found her passion in the fashion industry. She started as a model before venturing into the fitness industry.

Anllela Sagra also created a fitness youtube channel in 2013 and currently has more than 394k subscribers. With the fitness industry, she started by participating in various fitness competitions.

She later fully ventured into fitness training. Her fitness training sessions are sponsored by one-up Nutrition, promoting healthy living and fitness.

In 2015 Anllela Sagra began dating a fellow athlete and bodybuilder, Tomas.

Anllela Sagra dating her boyfriend Tomas Echavarria

Caption: Anllela Sagra with her fitness boyfriend, Tomas Echavarria

Source: Simply Shredded

Anllela Sagra Fitness Journey.

Anllela narrates how she had a skinny body that acted as a threat to her modeling career. She had earlier on been told that she was too thin and should stop working out. But she disregarded all the comments and kept on working out. It was then that she changed her working-out technique completely.

One day, at the gym, the trainer instructed her to work out and avoid losing her modeling career. The trainer’s advice, knowledge, and mentoring changed her life completely. He gave her the new lifestyle that she is currently living. After one year and a few months of training, Anllela enrolled for fitness completion.

It was surprising how her fitness discipline and dedication had paid off. She scooped third place despite having spent such a short time in the industry.

Anllela Sagra Fitness

Caption: Anllela Sagra fitness

Source: Instagram

 Anllela Sagra Wiki and Social Media Websites.

A well-fit body is a dream everyone aims to achieve. In the few years, Anllela Sagra has obtained many followers. Being a fitness instructor, She has become social media personnel and celebrity.

Her self-titled youtube channel has more than 394K subscribers with thousands of views daily. Her Twitter account has almost 185K followers, while Instagram has more than 14 million followers.

This is just a tiny number compared to the millions of people that Anllela Sagra has been able to reach. She expresses how grateful and happy it makes her do what she loves in one of her interviews.

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