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Andy Cannizaro Net Worth. Know his wife Jovial Allison Cannizaro.

Andrew Lee Cannizaro, known as Andy Cannizaro, a former baseball head coach and Major league infielder for the renowned Mississippi State Bulldogs, was born on December 19, 1978, in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is one of the few rising star coaching stars of college baseball.

As often known, Andy kick-started his college career, having played for The Tulane Green Wave and earned greater recognition through his career to his prime crème de la crème. Let’s find out about Andy Cannizaro Net Worth and Salary.

Also, meet his wife, Jovial Allison Cannizaro.

His net worth and salary, house and cars

Andy’s net worth tremendously grew in 2018. According to different sources, his assessed valuation is estimated to be in the realm of roughly over 5 million in 2022. Yeah, that’s right, Andy Cannizaro’s Net Worth is $5 Million. This is inclusive of his assets, such as private jets and yachts. Until his controversial resigning, he had been on a four-year contract of an average $533,333 salary.

Cannizaro and his family moved to Starkville. There are no existing reports on his house in Starkville, but it’s no rocket science that the estate is a posh and high above a lush suburb jungle. The neighborhood is a serene environment surrounded by nature’s innocent sunsets.

According to various sources, and by the coach’s elite cliché, he is rumored to own an upscale house valued at approximately $620,000. Not bad for someone with a $5 million net worth in his bank.

Andy Cannizaro


Concerning Advocate Media and News, he owns a fleet of elegant millennial automobiles, Ferrari (red), a CLS Mercedes Benz, and a couple of Million Dollars in German cars. It’s no secret that he lives an abundant life.

He is married to wife Jovial Allison Cannizaro.

The baseball star head coach is happily married to one Jovial Allison Cannizaro. She was a divorce attorney at Metairie until they decided to move to Starkville. She is an outgoing lady who is filled with warm fizzles.

This explains why Andy has had such a successful career, part of which emanates from the unequivocal love and support her wife has been offering to him.

Andrew with his family at Thanksgiving celebration
Andrew with his  wife Jovial Allison Cannizaro and their kids

They have been happily married and are blessed with two beautiful children. A girl and a boy. The former is older, and the latter is a cute soul that has constantly been popping on our social media platforms.

There is no doubt that  Andy loves and appreciates his wife Jovial Allison Cannizaro and children so much based on the scanty folk’s data the coach has been able to put out there. He is a man of privileged character and keeps it professional.

Was he recently fired? Or did he resign?

Andy Cannizaro’s epoch as the head coach at the Mississippi State is formally over. There have been confounding opinions on whether the head coach was fired or did he unquestionably resign. Before his resignation, there have been conflicting reports that he was to be “fired” or kicked out. Well, we have all heard such perplexing occurrences.

It happens almost every other day in the sports world. It is nearly impossible to go a year without such an analogous situation.

Jovial Allison Cannizaro

It rests fuzzy on what propelled the move. However, Cannizaro released an assertion on the matter via the school. Here’s what he had to say.

“I had a wonderful opportunity at Mississippi State, but unfortunately I made some poor decisions. I hope Mississippi State University and all of the fans and people affected will one day forgive me.”

He submitted his resignation on Monday, February 19, 2018.

Short Bio

Andy has two youthful siblings. His youngest blood brother, Garrett Cannizaro, played baseball at Tulane University. This man studied at the University of Southern Mississippi and played baseball throughout his college life.

So, now you know Andy Cannizaro Net worth and wife.

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