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Andrea Thoma Wikipedia: Facts about Grant Gustin Wife. 2022

Andrea Thoma is Kadazan in ethnicity and has Malaysian-American nationality. The 33-year-old was born in Malaysia and brought up in the United States. She has a degree in exercise physiology from Kent University from ten years ago and a doctorate from Old Dominion University in Physical Therapy.

Andrea worked as a physical therapist as a student, and currently as a professional in California.  With all the years she’s put in, she has substantial experience and exposure. She is also a social media personality; active on Instagram with more than 300k followers. However, her popularity increased when she got engaged to Grant Gustin, an American singer, and actor. That said, here are facts about Andrea Thoma, Grant Gustin’s wife.

How did Andrea’s Relationship Start?

Andrea Thoma was in several relationships before, but non measured up to her relationship and marriage with actor and singer born in Norfolk, Grant Gustin.

They have been in a loving relationship since the beginning of 2017;  a month right after they met at a dinner party hosted by the Sabah Tourism Board in 2016.

Image of Andrea Thoma engaged with Grant Gustin
Andrea Thoma engaged with  Grant Gustin

The Proposal that ended with a Laugh.

Plans of the wedding came to light a year after the couple’s meeting. Grant decided that the best place for the project was in Costa Rica while shooting a movie there. Sadly that did not work out since the film delayed.

Their engagement was in mid-2017. Grant went on one knee and popped the question; he did it with a round diamond ring.

However, he was surprised when Andrea Thoma laughed at the proposal. Nonetheless, in the end, she said, Yes!

They even shared their happy moments on Instagram with the ring. Similarly, the newly engaged also announced that they were planning their wedding and would publish the location, date, and other details.

Proposal Aftermath and Enjoyment.

Their couple’s engagement time was prolonged because they got married after two years.

It looks like they were not in a rush and got to enjoy each other’s company before marriage. Justin commented that in his heart, he knew he was already married to Andrea the moment she accepted her proposal.

The ceremony was just a formality.

The Simple, Romantic Wedding done Twice.

Andrea Thoma and Grant went for a prestigious location;

The Valentine in Los Angeles built in the 1920s. They wanted a simple and intimate wedding attended by family and friends.

Moreover, some of Grant’s co-stars visited; Adam Kaplan, Ben Ross, Chris Wood, Jared Loftin, Max Chucker, Daveed Diggs, and Melissa Benoist.

Grant Gustin and Wife Andrea Thoma love a private life, and that is the reason they had limited guests at their wedding.

The wedding photos revealed how happy the couple was with Andrea Thoma in a white flowing dress, a headband with beads and braids pulled at the back.

There were rumors that Andrea and Grant wedded in Malaysia since she is from Malaysia. However, the truth is she and Grant went to visit her relatives.

While still in Malaysia, they had to undergo a ceremony meant to appease the gods and ancestors. The service seemed like “marriage.” As per her Kadazan customs, it was imperative to perform the ceremony.

Grant Gustin went on to Instagram and clarified that it was not a wedding ceremony, and even did a caption on the photos took in Malaysia to elaborate.

Grant stated that it was fun meeting Andrea Thoma’s family and had fun moments there. He claimed that he and Andrea became spiritually connected after that ceremony.

Sweet Marriage Life

Grant Gustin and wife Andrea Thoma exhibits seriousness and commitment to each other. They even started living together way before the wedding.

Moreover, the pair also purchased a house together; a statement which Grant began with when on an interview with

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