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Amie Nicole Harwick Wiki Bio, Age, Parents, Birthday: Facts about Drew Carey Fiance. 2022

Drew Carey with his fiance Amie harwick

Dr. Amie Nicole Harwick is an American family therapist who is specialized in advising on many family matters. She is specialized in dealing with anxiety, depression, divorce, academic distress, relationship issues and victims of domestic violence. Nicole also deals with issues such as sex addiction, body image issues, and stress.

The licensed Family and sex therapist is a member of the professional group of California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. She is also a certified member of Kink Aware Professionals.

Amie Harwick has more than four years experience in the field and has dealt with many people whom she has helped regain their former self-esteem. Amie Nicole is also the author of the controversial book called The New Sex Bible for Women in 2014 from Quiver Books.


The parents of the renowned doctor remain unknown. The marriage and Family Therapist has kept a private life, and we have not been able to unmask her birth parents, whether they are still alive or not or their location. The information of the other siblings of the family therapist as remains unclear.

Wiki bio, age birthday

Amie Harwick is 36 years old. Her exact place of birth remains undocumented.we have not been able to unmask the precise date in which the sex therapist was also born. Her birthday, therefore, remains unknown. She ha kept most of her private matters away from the public limelight. She is quite a secretive woman. She is a very active woman in social media.

Her high school years and the identity of the school remains unconfirmed. She attended California Polytechnic University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in psychology.

The family therapist later joined Pepperdine Univerity for her masters in clinical psychology. She graduated in 2011. Amie currently runs her center of counseling in Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood California.

She is engaged to Drew Carey.

picture of Drew Carey and fiance Fiance Amie Harwick
Drew Carey and fiance Fiance Amie Harwick

Amie Harwick is currently dating the American actor Drew Carey, and they got engaged recently. The 36-year-old gorgeous doctor and a family phycologist specialized in counseling are committed to the 59 comic actors. The wedding bells are ringing.

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